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Corporate Social Responsibility News Roundup


July 31, 2017

Latest CSR, sustainability and impact investing news discovered by the FreeBalance Strategy and Innovation Group.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SURVEY FINDS THAT PURPOSE, NOT PROFIT, KEY TO BUSINESS SUCCESS: Enterprise Innovation reports that 73% of surveyed  business leader believe in the value of a strong corporate purpose, and only a minority (15%) say their company’s main purpose is to maximize shareholder value, according to an EY report.

EY Study published by Harvard Business Review:$FILE/ey-the-business-case-for-purpose.pdf

Impact Investing

Janet Brown in Triple Pundit shows how notion that impact investing results in poorer performance has been debunked.


VALUE FROM SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: “Companies can promote sustainability by following good design practices to provide innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions for customers and users,” from a McKinsey podcast.

C-SUITE NEEDS COACHING IN PROFITABLE SUSTAINABILITY: Pamela Gordon in GreenBiz describes techniques that work for CEOs, CFOs, and CTOs.

CROSS-INDUSTRY COLLABORATION CAN ACCELERATE CIRCULAR ECONOMY: Sustainable Brands reports on research from multiple studies showing that collaboration necessary for materials reuse, creating recyclables marketplace, improved repair, and refund mechanisms.

SUSTAINABILITY RANKINGS DIFFER: Investors need to know the difference between sustainability rankings according to Nancy Himmelfarb in TriplePundit.


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Doug Hadden

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