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FreeBalance brings smiles to SOS Children’s Villages


As the sun set, and stars began to appear across the night sky, a cool breeze was felt as we packed into a spare classroom for a musical performance that was sure to make anyone smile.

With more than 40 wide-eyed youngsters aligned row-by-row, world renowned violinist Miha Pogacnik entered from stage right.

Pogacnik instantly struck a chord with the audience, with cheers erupting after each musical masterpiece.

Following the performance, which included serenading one lucky girl and a teacher, the students were brought outside for a pizza party.

With smiles from ear-to-ear, the students grabbed a slice of pizza, a glass of juice as well as a new musical instrument.

As the night continued, FreeBalance staff joined the party, dancing, singing and making music with the students. It was a perfect way to give back to an organization that truly makes a difference in countries around the globe.

This isn’t the first time FreeBalance has worked with SOS Children’s Villages. As a company, we try and visit villages whenever we’re in a new country.

SOS Children’s Villages International decided to get involved in Nicaragua following a terrible earthquake in 1972 that left parts of Managua destroyed.

Currently, there are six SOS Children’s Villages, four SOS Youth Facilities, one SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, one SOS Vocational Training Centre as well as 20 SOS Social Centres across the country.

Throughout the past 37 years, close to 5,000 Nicaraguan children have found new homes with an SOS family.

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Michael Sutherland-Shaw

Michael Sutherland-Shaw

Marketing Communications Specialist at FreeBalance
Michael works in the marketing and communications department following a career in journalism. Michael is currently learning Ruby on Rails and loves discovering new music.

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