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Canada is one of the most decentralized countries in the world. The Canadian federal democracy system is similar to the federal democracies of Argentina, Brazil, and India. Government powers and responsibilities are divided between the federal government, 10 provincial governments and 3 territories in the far North.

The provinces are responsible for most social expenditures funded by large transfers from the federal government. Seven of the provinces also receive revenue equalization transfers.

Canadian public finance promotes probity, transparency and the effective delivery of government services. Financial accountability in government is focused on finding a balance and continuing improvements in sub-national financial management, including a move to more detailed budget planning and performance management. The Federal Accountability Act (2006) aims at making the Canadian federal government even more accountable and increase transparency and oversight in government operations.

FreeBalance Government of Canada Cluster (GCC)

The Government of Canada Cluster is an independent organization managed by Consulting and Audit Canada (CAC), a federal government organization working to improve public sector management and operations in Canada and abroad. GCC consists of FreeBalance customers in the federal government of Canada. The Cluster meets monthly with special committees assisting specific product initiatives. FreeBalance works closely with the FreeBalance Government of Canada Cluster to set product directions, review product specifications, provide beta testing and certify new versions of the FreeBalance Accountability Suite.