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Singapore transforming public service with launch of GovTech


October 11, 2016

The Government of Singapore has launched a “new chapter” in its efforts to become a leader in citizen-centric services through digital transformation.

With technology playing a disruptive role in many sectors, governments around the world are working to develop ways to deliver the best possible value to its citizens.

And if you ask the Government of Singapore, that starts with GovTech.

GovTech is a newly formed agency made up of 1,800 data scientists, technologists and engineers working to support smart nation projects and refresh old e-government services.

According to the Government of Singapore, GovTech has lined up several new projects – including a digital vault of citizens’ personal data for the auto-filling of banking forms and an autonomous wheelchair prototype – to drive digital transformation in the public sector.

“The formation of GovTech marks a new chapter in the way we use technology to improve the wide range of services and touchpoints that the public sector has with our citizens and businesses,” said Jacqueline Poh, Chief Executive, GovTech in a release.

This comes as the Government of Singapore has its sights set on building a smart nation.

According to Poh, “key to our mission will be collaborating closely with citizens, industry and various public sector agencies, to create the next generation of innovative and meaningful digital experiences.”

On initiative aims to simplify citizen’s interactions with banks by eliminating the provision of personal documents for verification.

GovTech is also launching a new digital platform, Parents Gateway, which helps parents with school matters such as fee payments and signing of consent forms

In addition, businesses will benefit from GovTech thanks to streamlining government-business transactions, including the creation of a single corporate digital identity for businesses.

According to the release, GovTech will also play an important role in the building of Smart Nation infrastructure, platforms and applications through ICT and the Internet of Things. The Smart Nation Platform will offer a data sharing gateway, video and data analytics all with the hopes of helping public agencies efficiently run a smart city.

And we can’t forget about GovTech’s goal of overseeing the public sector’s ICT infrastructure to enable the operation of a secure and resilient smart nation.

“GovTech will raise technical capability across the public sector by building and strengthening in-house technical expertise and capabilities in six areas – application development, cybersecurity, data science, geospatial technology, government ICT infrastructure and sensors & IoT,” reads the release.

But in the end, it all comes back to the people.

According to GovTech, citizens are encouraged to help refine the user experience as well as take part in focus groups so future products and solutions are tailored to the needs of its citizens.

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