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Big Data in 2016: Bigger


January 13, 2016

We saw the emergence of big data in 2015. Some saw the year as the year of big data – my analysis suggests that 2016 will be more of a definitive year for big data. More big data initiatives will go into production by pragmatists (the so-called “early majority”). This will be enabled through new tools, many of which will be embedded in analytical and enterprise software suites.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will become integrated as part of big data offerings. Customer service will be the domain that adopts this technology. And, the backlash to AI will increase.

We hope to see increased use of big data techniques, particularly visualization, for public policy. In other words, more data-driven decisions and use of open data. Although, it’s unlikely to upset dogma, as we have seen in debates about immigration, policing, climate change and gun control.

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Doug Hadden

Doug Hadden

Executive Vice President, Innovation at FreeBalance
Doug is responsible for identifying new global markets, new technologies and trends, and new and enhanced internal processes. Doug leads a cross-functional international team that is responsible for developing product prototypes and innovative go-to-market strategies.

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