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World Economic Forum eyes future of smart transportation


Is your city planning to develop a smart transportation plan?

You may be the candidate the World Economic Forum is looking for with its new transportation project.

On Wednesday, the Forum announced its plan to accept applications from cities around the world interested in developing a smart transportation plan.

Once a city is selected, the Forum says it will help “integrate its existing transportation systems with currently-available and soon-to-be-available technologies, encourage the sharing economy and prepare it to integrate autonomous and connected vehicles.”

With a group of industry experts, the Forum will also help the city implement a multi-model transportation plan, with the possibility of a self-driving vehicle pilot program.

Self-driving cars are expected to arrive in cities as soon as 2020, but plans and regulations have not been put into place to prepare for them, the Forum said in a release. A strong transportation plan, including a self-driving vehicle pilot, could be instrumental in guiding the selected city, in addition to paving the way for the future of transportation in other cities around the world.

The selected city will also receive:

  • Expert analysis of its particular regulation and infrastructure needs
  • A tailored roadmap to an integrated, multi-modal intelligent transportation system, possibly including self-driving vehicles
  • An international platform to discuss and share findings at Forum events and through Forum digital media

This project builds on Forum research into Personal Mobility and Self-Driving Vehicles, conducted in 2015 in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group, and the Future of Cities.

According to the Forum, transportation could be the biggest factor contributing to escaping poverty and that autonomous vehicles have the potential to take 60-70% of cars off the road, reduce road fatalities by 90% and reduce emission by 2-4%.

Interested city officials are invited to submit expressions of interest to the World Economic Forum by May 11, 2016.

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