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FreeBalance to Showcase Civil Service Management Software at Annual IPAC Event in Ottawa


August 19, 2010

Ottawa, Canada (August 19, 2010)FreeBalance, a global Government Resource Planning (GRP) software company, will be showcasing the latest version of its Civil Service Management (CSM) software at the 62nd IPAC National Convention. FreeBalance CSM is a fully integrated, web-based human resource information management and payroll software solution designed exclusively for government.

The IPAC conference runs from August 22nd to August 25th at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, Canada. The IPAC conference provides public service professionals with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of public administration, share the latest research, and learn best practices. The IPAC conference continues to be a model of public democracy for the world.

“The IPAC conference is internationally renowned and attracts public service professionals from around the world, including FreeBalance customers,” said Manuel Pietra, President & CEO of FreeBalance. “We look forward to demonstrating how FreeBalance civil service management solutions help improve government capacity, performance and results.”

The theme of this year’s IPAC conference is “Guardians of Our Communities, from Local to Global”. Attendees will explore five themes that address the many ways in which public policies and services affect the economy and communities. These themes include the social fabric, the economy, security and sovereignty, innovation and technology, and governance. The conference will also build an understanding of who are the guardians, and define the roles of public, non-profit, and private sectors.

FreeBalance Civil Service Management enables governments to manage the civil service cycle from recruitment through retirement. To improve government capacity and results, FreeBalance CSM delivers:

  • Human resources functionality to support civil service reform and management including movement, capacity building, salary planning, performance appraisal and recruitment
  • Payroll and pensions functionality to support government rules for payroll and pensions
  • Benefits and self-service functionality to support civil service benefits, travel and subsistence and self-service portals

FreeBalance CSM, a core component of FreeBalance Accountability Suite, supports the unique and evolving requirements of government. This includes Shared Services, Government Resource Planning, Government Performance Management, Government 2.0, and Service Oriented Architectures. The FreeBalance Accountability Suite covers the entire budget cycle and provides fiscal control over fund allocations, expenditures, appropriations, revenue administration, and human resources.

FreeBalance customers span the globe and the user community includes public financial management professionals in 18 countries, including Uganda, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Southern Sudan, Timor-Leste, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Iraq. FreeBalance operates in 15 customer time zones. FreeBalance has more than 60,000 users around the world. FreeBalance software manages a global civil service workforce of 1,500,000, and also manages a quarter trillion ($US) annual budgets worldwide.

About the Institute of Public Administration of Canada
Founded in 1947, IPAC is a dynamic association of public servants, academics, and others interested in public administration. Anchored by its 17 regional groups nationwide, it is a member-based organization that creates knowledge networks and leads public administration research in Canada. IPAC is the leading organization dedicated to the identification and sharing of good practices and policy in public administration. For more information, visit

About FreeBalance
FreeBalance helps governments around the world leverage robust Government Resource Planning (GRP) technology to accelerate country growth. FreeBalance software solutions for public financial and human resource management support reform and modernization to improve governance, transparency and accountability. Good governance is required to improve development results.

Founded in 1984, FreeBalance is a for-profit-social-enterprise (FOPSE) company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with sales and support offices in Washington, DC (United States), Lima (Peru), Lisbon (Portugal), London (Great Britain), Pristina (Kosovo) and St. John (Antigua and Barbuda). FreeBalance solutions have been implemented in countries across the globe, including Canada, United States, Sierra Leone, Guyana, Pakistan, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Antigua & Barbuda, Timor-Leste, Republic of Kosovo, Palestine, Panama, and Uganda. For more information, visit


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Matthew Olivier

Matthew Olivier

Vice President, Marketing at FreeBalance
Matthew is responsible for providing strategic marketing, communication, and business development direction for FreeBalance products, solutions and services. Matthew leads marketing and business development activities to support FreeBalance growth and brand awareness in the GRP market.

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