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Back to the Government Resource Planning Future, Part 2


December 14, 2016

I wrote yesterday about reflections on  I couldn’t help but reflect on a presentation I made almost a decade ago at the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management while preparing for an Inter-American Development Bank workshop next week, The Cutting Edge on Information Technology on Public Financial Management.

Government Resource Planning (GRP) Promise yet Unfulfilled

It’s sobering to realize how technical debt has held back the promise of the Integrated Financial Management Information (IFMIS) market in Latin America and the Caribbean. Many of my optimistic predictions have yet to come to full fruition in the region.

4 of the 10 predictions from 2007, in what we call the Government Resource Planning (GRP) market, deserve some contemplation:
  1. Cloud: adoption of government financial systems, worldwide, using public cloud facilities is limited while many government-hosted shared-services, or “private clouds”, have experienced significant technical problems>government risk-adverse approach is creating yet more risk
  2. Competitive Environment: consolidation of enterprise software vendors continue unabated, with many Software-as-a-Service leaders acquired by Tier 1 ERP companies, creating more complex integration environments and deeper lock-in>major vendors are operating much like cartels
  3. Performance Management: realization of results-based budgeting, government performance management, and data-driven policy decisions remains limited>performance management functionality cannot operate unless government objectives and objective taxonomy is embedded in public accounts classifications
  4. Citizen-centric: engagement, with the exception of some participatory budgeting in sub-national governments, remains on the periphery of government budget decisions and oversight>to transparency and open government momentum has yet to change behaviour

Personal Action Item

My FreeBalance Latin America and Caribbean colleagues will be paying close attention to lessons learned at the workshop. Follow my @dalytics Twitter feed on the 19th. and stay tuned to my observations later next week.

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Doug Hadden

Doug Hadden

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