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Country Development and Public Financial News Roundup


August 1, 2017

Interesting coverage of country development, government economics and PFM found by the FreeBalance Strategy and Innovation Group.

FROM SMALL TO LARGE SCALE COOPERATION: Michael Muthukrishna in Evonomics describes how the science of cooperation and cultural evolution enables anti-corruption success. 

THE CORRUPTION LINKAGE TO TERRORISM: Christine Lagarde of the IMF states: “corrupt officials, tax cheats, and the financial backers of terrorism have one thing in common: they often exploit vulnerabilities in financial systems to facilitate their crimes.”

CURE OF THE RESOURCE CURSE? Piers Purdy in Open Democracy observes that “Ghana outstrips Uganda on most indicators of democracy, development and governance, yet Uganda is much stronger when it comes to getting a good deal for the country from natural resource extraction. It’s not about what instutions you have in place, but how they function.”

TRANSPARENCY CLOSES THE TRUST GAP: By Donald F. Kettl describes link between trust and government transparency in Government Executive.

MORE THAN RESOURCE CURSE, ITS A PRESOURCE CURSE: A report by James Cust and David Mihalyi  World Bank find evidence that the discovery of resources in a country begins the path towards the resource curse of poor use of natural resource wealth. 

CORRUPTION BAD NEWS AND GOOD NEWS FOR LATIN AMERICA: Anticorruption gains  takes time, but faster in the 21st Century based on results from other countries, according to Matthew M. Taylor  at the Council on Foreign Relations.


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Doug Hadden

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