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Electronic Signatures Enhance FreeBalance Software Security


December 7, 2010

This morning we announced an important partnership with AuthenWare that will help strengthen security for FreeBalance Accountability Suite users around the world. The following post is from Wayne Snell, Vice President of Marketing at AuthenWare, who explains the benefits that this new technology will provide you, our reader.

From Wayne Snell, AuthenWare VP of Marketing.

First let me thank FreeBalance for selecting AuthenWare as the strong security provider technology for its GRP customers! We are excited to be part of the solution focused on delivering the unique and evolving security requirements of governments around the world.

AuthenWare adds an additional layer of protection to ensure that the credentials of public financial management and other FreeBalance government agency users cannot be used maliciously.

So what is AuthenWare and how will it strengthen security for FreeBalance Users?

AuthenWare is second-factor authentication software that stops identity theft by rendering stolen information completely useless. It does this by using an innovative behavioural biometric technology called keystroke dynamics. Simply put, the software verifies that a person typing a set of credentials (such as a user ID and password) is the actual owner of those credentials. No person types exactly the same.  If the user’s typing pattern matches then he or she is granted access to whatever they are authorized to do. If it doesn’t match, then they can be asked to try authenticating again, denied access, or re-routed to a fraud prevention team, etc. The software is intelligent and can determine if a person is injured or tired. It even knows when it is a computer robot (e.g., replay attack) trying to mimic the person’s typing sign-on.

While obviously a big benefit to FreeBalance users, the technology is also “zero-footprint software,” meaning it is requires no tokens or additional end-user hardware, making it virtually undetectable to end-users.

The addition of AuthenWare creates a nearly impenetrable line of defense for the FreeBalance Accountability Suite by providing an additional layer of strong security that stops identity theft, web fraud and system vulnerability. It helps make user authentication and validation easy, cost-effective and most importantly – reliable – which are critical aspects to sustaining security within any government organization. You can read more about AuthenWare at

Read the press release >>

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Matthew Olivier

Matthew Olivier

Vice President, Marketing at FreeBalance
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