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FreeBalance featured in Ottawa Business Journal


July 28, 2010

FreeBalance was recently featured in the Ottawa Business Journal (original article), published on July 26, 2010. Here’s an excerpt:

FreeBalance tracks cash in Afghan government
by Elizabeth Howell

Wondering where the money goes is a common problem in Ottawa. That issue is compounded in Afghanistan, which does not yet have all the financial controls that Canada does.

Ottawa tech firm FreeBalance has been in the war-torn country since the interim government took over from the Taliban in 2001, implementing its financial tracking system province-by-province to help chart the flow of aid money through government spheres.

Just this spring, the last Afghan province – Nuristan – signed on to FreeBalance’s system, which is a small yet crucial part of a government-wide software solution designed to allow people away from central government to decide where to spend money next, said Doug Hadden, FreeBalance’s vice-president of products.

Read the FreeBalance article on the Ottawa Business Journal website >>

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Matthew Olivier

Matthew Olivier

Vice President, Marketing at FreeBalance
Matthew is responsible for providing strategic marketing, communication, and business development direction for FreeBalance products, solutions and services. Matthew leads marketing and business development activities to support FreeBalance growth and brand awareness in the GRP market.

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