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FreeBalance Welcomes the World to Ottawa


March 3, 2015

One of the unique differentiators at FreeBalance is how we integrate our customers directly into developing our product roadmap. That’s why when we say “built for government, by government” we really mean it.

That commitment to our customers will be on display next week in Ottawa at the annual FreeBalance International Steering Committee or FISC 2015. FISC is where FreeBalance customers from around the world gather to share best practices, learn about the latest and greatest in public financial management, and help guide the product roadmap based on their needs and feedback. We also have a little fun…

This year, FreeBalance is fortunate to have David Eaves as our keynote speaker. David is an expert in public policy, open government and open data and will address the conference on how these trends are helping shape the future of government.

FISC 2015 will feature representatives from four continents who will gather in Ottawa to tackle the latest challenges of public financial management together. Though the weather won’t be as nice as last year’s event in Antigua & Barbuda, Ottawa promises to be a great host.

For updates during FISC 2015 be sure to follow us on Twitter, and if you’re into such things, check out the FISC 2015 press release.

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