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Public Financial Management Case Study on Kosovo Published in International Journal on Governmental Financial Management


December 8, 2010

Ottawa, Canada (December 08, 2010)FreeBalance, a Government Resource Planning (GRP) software company, today announced that the Kosovo Public Financial Management (PFM) Case Study written by FreeBalance has been included in the International Journal on Governmental Financial Management (IJGFM) publication. The IJGFM is a bi-annual publication by the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM). For more information on the consortium and its publications, visit Download the Kosovo PFM case study on Scribd free of charge.

Hadden Public Financial Management in Government of Kosovo

The Kosovo PFM Case Study details the Government of Kosovo’s success at improving governance through PFM reform. It covers the sequence of PFM reform in Kosovo from 1999 to the present day. PFM reform is critical to improving good governance. Good governance is critical to economic development. The Kosovo Financial Management Information System (KFMIS) is based on the FreeBalance Accountability Suite. The KFMIS has supported the Government of Kosovo agenda of reform and modernization.

The PFM Case Study analyzes Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) assessments. The Government of Kosovo has achieved excellent results (B and higher) for over half of the assessment criteria. The country context of economic, capacity and sustainability challenges are described. The PFM Case Study describes the Government of Kosovo goals of improved governance and transparency, and provides a GRP modernization scorecard.

“The IJGFM is an important publication for people involved in the public financial management and government financial management areas,” said Manuel Pietra, President & CEO of FreeBalance. “Readers of the IJGFM will get a more thorough understanding of how the Government of Kosovo strengthened governance and the resulting economic benefit it has brought to its people.”

Achievements by the Government of Kosovo described in the Case Study include:

  • Improved governance as demonstrated by the 2007 and 2009 PEFA assessments
  • Effective sequencing of PFM reform
  • Capacity built for budget execution, cash management and procurement government-wide
  • Decentralization of budget execution reflecting successful capacity building
  • Achieving International and European standards
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF) member admittance

FreeBalance customers span the globe. This user community includes public financial management professionals in 18 countries, including Panama, Guyana, Antigua & Barbuda, Jamaica, Uganda, Timor-Leste, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Mongolia, and Canada. FreeBalance operates in 15 customer time zones. FreeBalance has more than 60,000 users around the world. FreeBalance software manages a global civil service workforce of 1,500,000, and also manages a quarter trillion ($US) annual budgets worldwide.

Working globally with governments, organizations, and individuals, the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management is dedicated to improving financial management by providing opportunities for professional development and information exchange. The International Consortium on Government Financial Management (ICGFM) was established over two decades ago to serve as an international forum for public sector financial managers.

ICGFM is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving public financial management so that governments may better server their citizens. The ICGFM provides knowledge transfer for good practices through conferences, forums and the publication of the International Journal on Government Financial Management. More at

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FreeBalance helps governments around the world leverage robust Government Resource Planning (GRP) technology to accelerate country growth. FreeBalance software solutions for public financial and human resource management support reform and modernization to improve governance, transparency and accountability. Good governance is required to improve development results. For more information, visit


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