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Speaking Out About Conflict – Video Interviews


February 18, 2010

Just found a very informative blog: “Conflict and Development, Overcoming Conflict and Fragility.” This blog is hosted by the team working on the World Bank’s upcoming World Development Report 2011 titled “Conflict, Security, and Development.”

There are many well-written articles and video interviews on the blog. The two part article “Speaking Out About Conflict” includes interviews with leaders from conflict-affected countries. The leaders talk about overcoming conflict, building institutions, confidence building, and the role of the international community. These interviews were conducted during a recent World Development Report 2011 event.

The interviews with the representatives from Afghanistan, Timor Leste, and Uganda are especially relevant for FreeBalance as we have partnered with these governments to modernize their Public Financial Management (PFM) and Government Resource Planning (GRP) systems. For these governments, this has meant building capacity, increasing self-sufficiency, improving transparency, and ensuring public financial accountability.

FreeBalance has been providing GRP solutions and PFM reform initiatives to the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste since 2000, Afghanistan since 2001, and Uganda since 2009. 

Watch the Speaking Out About Conflict – Part One interviews >>

 Watch the Speaking Out About Conflict – Part Two interviews >>

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Matthew Olivier

Matthew Olivier

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