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Strategy in Government Internal Audit


February 7, 2013

Doug Hadden, VP Products

Changes have been brewing in the audit profession for some time. Performance and strategy are now major themes in the public and private sectors. This generated a refreshing and passionate discussion by Jorge da Silva of the Inter-American Development Bank at the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management ( ICGFM ) DC Forum yesterday “storified” below.

Strategy in Government Internal Audit

It’s not every day that you hear a spellbinding presentation on internal audit in government. Yet this was the case at the ICGFM DC Forum on February 6th. from Jorge da Silva of the Inter-American Development Bank

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Jorge da Silva of #idb speaking at Carnegie@icgfm #DCForum
Mr. da Silva discussed his experience with audit reform in Canada prior to joining the Bank.
Jorge da Silva: nothing in #transparency & #accountability in government #Canada didn’t happen by chance #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: #Canada created chief audit officer with highest management reporting, professionalized #internalaudit #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: in #Canada, management accountability framework adapted as capacity increased #DCForum
Jorge da Silva: every #audit report in gov #Canada made public #DCForum #transparencyFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: gov of #Canada independent #audit committee advises on risk, fin statements, audit to deputy ministers #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: describing access to information considerations in gov #Canada-working remarkably well #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: #Canada #AuditorGeneral view of #internalaudit in 2004 grim, now greatly improved in latest report #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: writing for #internalaudit critical b/c in #Canada, writing for 33M people #DCForumFreeBalance
Mr. da Silva provided advice to auditors and those people who could benefit from strategic auditing.
Jorge da Silva: biggest impact, improvement to #internalaudit has been professionalization #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: auditors must be strategic & look forward rather than look back #internalaudit #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: data analytics extremely important skill for #internalaudit & ability to write well #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: context is more important than what was found #internalaudit #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: you’re only as good as your last #audit #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: only way to understand what is going on is thru soft skills in #internalaudit #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: extremely hard to gain trust & credibility, so easy to lose #internalaudit #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: there is a cost to #accountability, much more complex in a multilateral org #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: in any organization, #transparency is never an ‘if’, is a ‘when’, better if you initiate it #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: contrary to what people think, #audit is very interesting #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: in any organization, you can be an ambulance or undertaker, better to keep org alive #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: constant message on value of #audit & what is in it for decision-makers needed #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: #internalaudit must provide ‘fearless advice’ #DCForumFreeBalance
Jorge da Silva: ‘what keeps you awake at night’ is key strategic #internalaudit question #DCForumFreeBalance
Manuel Pietra, Jorge da Silva & David Nummy with @icgfm pen

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Doug Hadden

Doug Hadden

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