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FreeBalance International Steering Committee: FreeBalance Product Update


January 31, 2013

Doug Hadden, VP Products

FISC 2013 is our Seventh Annual FreeBalance International Steering Committee conference. The FISC approach differs from the traditional technology user group conference in many ways – good ways, we think

For one thing, FISC is about enabling customers to influence FreeBalance, not the other way around.

In the spirit of transparency, we were live tweeting from FISC last week and we’ve ‘storified’ it below.

FISC7 Product Discussion

The FreeBalance International Steering Committee sets the product direction for FreeBalance. FISC members come from governments around the world. The 7th annual FISC conference is being held in Ottawa. FISC members change the FreeBalance product roadmap unlike the practice from large vendors.

Storified by · Wed, Jan 30 2013 10:37:07

Integration, technology and custom needs were discussed.
Sagastume: #integration in government = where gov never asks citizens the same question twice, ever #FISC7FreeBalance
many software vendors talk about #integration, but is it really integrated after all the acquisitions? #FISC7FreeBalance
new V7 of #FreeBalance software is more extensible: discussion ensuing about extending treasury functions significantly #FISC7FreeBalance
Also Sagastume: in #PFM, context matters public financial managementFreeBalance
Aldo Sagastume: lesson from #SAP #France implementation is that you need to change all the government processes in your country #FISC7FreeBalance
Aldo Sagastume: critically important that your #GRP follows the government legal processes #FISC7FreeBalance
Aldo Sagastume: V7 supports more flexible commitments, multiple year COA to support government financial processes #FISC7FreeBalance
FreeBalance V7 supports hiding fields of information, selecting mandatory fields & flexible workflow all b/c of FISC feedback #FISC7FreeBalance
Aldo Sagastume: government financial management different from private sector, flexible budget & commitment controls required #FISC7FreeBalance
Payroll and Human Resources discussion revolved around the problem of ghost workers and predicting wage bill costs over time.
Sagastume: good government #payroll system can help you predict long-term salary budgets #FISC7FreeBalance
Sagastume: government #payroll is often >50% of the #budget, so civil service management is critical #FISC7FreeBalance
Government procurement and public investment management wer important discussions..
Sagastume: significant % of government #budget goes through #procurement, the entire cycle should be automated #FISC7FreeBalance
how to handle % complete in public investment projects across multiple years is generating #FISC7 discussionFreeBalance
interesting discussion on integrating legal office into #procurement process & proof of progress/inspections at #FISC7FreeBalance
need multiple year #procurement processes even when not using multiple year #budgets #FISC7FreeBalance
milestone definition for % complete checked through inspections can be linked to #procurement payment & contracts #FISC7FreeBalance

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    Doug Hadden

    Doug Hadden

    Executive Vice President, Innovation at FreeBalance
    Doug is responsible for identifying new global markets, new technologies and trends, and new and enhanced internal processes. Doug leads a cross-functional international team that is responsible for developing product prototypes and innovative go-to-market strategies.

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