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The FreeBalance i3+qM methodology guarantees that FreeBalance implementations will be on-time and on-budget. FreeBalance works with government teams and partners to implement FreeBalance Accountability solutions following proven deployment and good government practices.

I. Project Management Services

Provide product and project coordination for implementation success and reduced risk.

  • FreeBalance Program Management Office (PMO) – is responsible for project, quality and product management.
  • Project Plan – The Project Plan is a formal document approved by the government customer to guide project execution and project control. It clearly identifies roles, responsibilities, tasks, and work deliverables within a project schedule. Risks are described and methods for change management are provided.
  • Project Initiation – acts as the Project Charter that provides guidance in making project decisions and collaboration with the customer team

II. Solution Implementation Services

Bring government good practices into project management.

  • Public Finance Requirements – templates identify objectives, analyze current processes to compare with good government practices, and the phases for a sequenced multi-step implementation.
  • Project Execution– manage progressive approvals, monitor changes and ensure communications with government customers.
  • Government Good Practices templates follow international standards and best practices for fiscal and performance management.

III. Solution Integration Services

Support the unique requirements for each government implementation, including localization, configuration and integration with other systems.

  • Country-specific Functionality of the FreeBalance Accountability Suite– software localization, translation, and configuration. FreeBalance uses a unique method for rapid translation into local languages, terminology adaptation and integration with third party systems such as customs management or bank interfaces.
  • FreeBalance Deployment – the FreeBalance Accountability Suite is deployed within the government test and production environment to test country-specific functionality and software configuration. FreeBalance provides data migration services as well.
  • IT Infrastructure – FreeBalance assists governments in provisioning the appropriate network and computing infrastructure. The FreeBalance® Accountability Suite can be optimized to operate within even the most basic technical infrastructures, including low bandwidth networks.

IV. Solution Acceptance Services

Provide the quality assurance necessary to move the software configuration into a production environment.

  • Formal Acceptance Testing – performed by the FreeBalance and government civil service teams.
  • Environment Readiness – assurance that the production computing infrastructure is adequate for the expected usage of the software.
  • Capacity Transition – provides a smooth path of transition making sure that the government civil service team can operate and maintain the software.
  • Project Close-out – brings the software configuration into the production environment. Many implementations have multiple phases. The end of one phase may initiate the next phase