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FreeBalance Celebrates World Read Aloud Day


March 8, 2013

FreeBalance Celebrates 2013 World Read Aloud Day

FreeBalance, a "mini multinational" and social enterprise, headquartered in Ottawa Canada. We encourage employees to take part in World Read Aloud Day every year. FreeBalance provides Government Resource Planning (GRP) systems to assist in country growth and fiscal transparency.

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First, a bit about WRAD
LitWorld and World Read Aloud Day Featured on NY1 News March 2013litworld
World Read Aloud Day is March 6! Activity packet and more @litworld
it’s happening! world read aloud day has begun around the world! #readaloud please join us at litworld dot orgPam Allyn
Have a great #ReadAloud day with stories, books and poems @KidsCreative102. Thanks @LitWorld for organizing! Creative
ICYMI @PamAllyn was on @HuffPostLive yesterday to talk about World Read Aloud Day & conquering illiteracy:
FreeBalance read aloud in 14 countries last year. Our staff was busier at government customer sites this year, so it was down to 9 locations in 8 countries this year – until the threatened snow storm in Washington DC cancelled one of the locations.
FreeBalance India read aloud at the Sri Ramakrishna Daridra Bhandar Vidyalaya, Howrah, West Bengal. FreeBalance India provides project accounting, project management and quality assurance services.
FreeBalance #India #WRAD collage from Sri Ramakrishna Daridra Bhandar Vidyalaya, Howrah, WestBengal
Saumyajit FreeBalance #India: I was very happy to see the smiling & innocent faces of children while they were reading and painting #WRADFreeBalance
WRAD in Washington DC from our local office was closed because schools was closed because of a snow storm warning that became known as the “snowquester”. As it turns out, there was very little snow, by Canadian standards and the local staff was disappointed. FreeBalance Washington DC focuses on business development and product management.
what if #snowquester stops our #DC #WRAD in Washington? a snow check?FreeBalance
But, we made up for this from FreeBalance staff based in Miami.
Happy World Read Aloud Day. @litworldsays #WRAD13 Alonso
Happy World Read Aloud Day @litworldsays #wrad13 Alonso
FreeBalance Guatemala read aloud at the public school: República de Panamá in Guatemala City. FreeBalance Guatemala focuses on project management, implementation, business & systems analysis and product management.
Miguel from FreeBalance #Guatemala sends this picture from #WRAD day
another nice photo from FreeBalance at #WRAD in #Guatemala
FreeBalance Palestine read aloud at the Alfurkan School in Jericho. FreeBalance Palestine provide implementation professional services and support to local governments in the West Bank and to FreeBalance customers in the middle east.
Jehad from FreeBalance #Palestine sent us #WRAD pictures from yesterday from Alfurkan School in #Jericho
Jehad says that #WRAD got local #Palestine news coverage & we’ll try to get a link for that, here’s another photo:
FreeBalance Uganda, based in Kampala, elected to read aloud in one of the suburbs of the capital. FreeBalance Uganda provides implementation and customer support for the Government of Uganda IPPS civil service management system.
Ann from FreeBalance #Uganda sent in some #WRAD pictures from yesterday including happy children
another delightful #WRAD picture from #FreeBalance #Uganda

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Doug Hadden

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