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FreeBalance Demonstrates Government Resource Planning (GRP) Solutions at 24th Annual ICGFM International Conference


May 18, 2010

Annual Conference in Miami to explore Public Financial Management in the Era of “The New Normal”

FreeBalance, a global software company that helps governments leverage robust Government Resource Planning (GRP) technology to accelerate country growth, today announced it is demonstrating its GRP solution, the FreeBalance Accountability Suite, at the ICGFM Spring Conference, May 17 – 21, 2010 in Miami, USA. The FreeBalance Accountability Suite delivers Government 2.0 functionality through providing government knowledge management and collaboration functionality integrated with budgetary and financial transactions. Government 2.0 solutions drive budget predictability through transparency, participation and collaboration. The ICGFM Miami conference enables public financial management (PFM) practitioners and development partners to share good practices. To register for the event, visit

“The economic realities resulting from the worst financial crisis in 70 years are commonly referred to as the ‘new normal’,” said Manuel Pietra, President & CEO of FreeBalance. “Many budget preparation software applications used by governments are ineffective in handling financial crisis. Governments can use effective budget preparation, scenario planning and budget execution components of the FreeBalance GRP solution to identify the effects of financial crisis. This enables governments to react quickly with minimum disruption to government objectives.”

During the ICGFM Miami conference, presentations, blog posts, and other web 2.0 social networking tools will be available, including:

The International Consortium on Government Financial Management (ICGFM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving public financial management so that governments may better server their citizens. The ICGFM provides knowledge transfer for good practices through conferences, forums and the publication of the International Journal on Government Financial Management.

FreeBalance is a Sustaining Member of the ICGFM. Other members include The World Bank; The International Monetary Fund; the United States Agency for International Development – Inspector General; the Association of Government Accountants (USA); Grant Thornton; and The Development Gateway Foundation. FreeBalance executives involved with the ICGFM include Manuel Pietra, a member of the Board of Directors, and Doug Hadden, a member of the Executive Committee.

FreeBalance customers span the globe and the user community includes public financial management professionals in 18 countries, including Namibia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Southern Sudan, Timor-Leste, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Iraq. FreeBalance operates in 15 customer time zones. FreeBalance has more than 60,000 users around the world. FreeBalance software manages a global civil service workforce of 1,500,000, and also manages a quarter trillion ($US) annual budgets worldwide.

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Matthew Olivier

Matthew Olivier

Vice President, Marketing at FreeBalance
Matthew is responsible for providing strategic marketing, communication, and business development direction for FreeBalance products, solutions and services. Matthew leads marketing and business development activities to support FreeBalance growth and brand awareness in the GRP market.

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