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FreeBalance Intern and Co-op Programs: In their own words


October 6, 2011

By James Elrick, FreeBalance

FreeBalance executives were out of the office the other day as they interviewed co-op students at local schools in Ottawa. We have been running the co-op program in Ottawa for the past two years. And at the FreeBalance Washington office, we’ve been running an Intern program for close to three years.

During these placement programs, college and university graduates learn numerous skills while they learn about the latest developments in the Government Resource Planning (GRP) space. FreeBalance executives provide mentorship, allowing the interns and co-op’s to discover an effective career plan.

And the internship program has been very successful as we have hired the majority of interns full-time.

Below is a photograph of a recent co-op group in Ottawa (with an intern thrown in for variety), and quotes from the students: 

Students at the FreeBalance Ottawa office

My time working at FreeBalance has been an amazing co-op work experience. The people at FreeBalance were all very friendly and supportive.
Mitch Brown 

If you have enrolled in programs with a co-op option, FreeBalance might be your best choice.
Jian Zhang 

As an international student, I really enjoyed the experience here.
Yunting Ge 

“Working at FreeBalance for my final placement has provided me an opportunity to apply the skills I learnt in my previous placements towards a practical use.”
Darius Campeau 

“My co-op placement at FreeBalance Inc. has been a remarkable learning experience, and it provided me with the necessary tools to enter the working world.”
Samantha Dupont 

“Working as a Quality Assurance co-op student has been an encouraging experience.  During my time at FreeBalance I have grown to respect the organization as a for-profit business which is, by its very nature, socially responsible.”
Shaun Horner

“FreeBalance employs many co-op students in a variety of departments. This provides an atmosphere to the students where they can interact with other students from different areas of study. Working at FreeBalance provided me with private sector work experience, and gave me the opportunity to see various career paths.”
Lauren Bennett

FreeBalance is growing in the exciting Government Resource Planning (GRP) market. Apply your skills on the world stage and do well by doing good.

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Matthew Olivier

Matthew Olivier

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