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Is Open Source disrupting the Enterprise Software market?


March 26, 2013

Doug Hadden, VP Products

I attended the Open Analytics Summit DC yesterday. (Storified below). The notion that open analytics, especially in the real of big data, is disrupting the enterprise software market was a major underlying theme. Of course, the conference was dominated by open source vendors, so this may not come as a surprise to you. But, it is very clear that open source is disrupting the “soft underbelly” of the EnSw market: middleware.

Middleware has been a vehicle for vendor lock-in for years. Customers wishing to move to an alternative enterprise software application are often faced with changing application servers, databases, operating systems and other middleware products. The premise, in the past, is that the largest enterprise software vendors have huge economies of scale.

Economies of scale now favour open source. The innovations in big data, as shown yesterday, promise to disrupt the tired model of a single company owning the software stack.

Impressions from the Open Analytics Summit DC

Open source, big data, government and snow converged in Roslyn Virginia yesterday. I was lucky to attend some of the sessions.

Storified by · Tue, Mar 26 2013 07:41:55

Springtime snow in DC? Check. But the show must go on at #oadc <a href="" class=""></a>Craig Vitter
Biggest #OADC informal topic is snow (yet most of the snow is melting)FreeBalance
@Open_Analytics well, the over reaction to the snow – #snowsentimentanalysis? #OADCFreeBalance
Key Takeaways
* open source is the enabler for innovation by providing economies of scale that are not available even to the largest commercial vendors
* the sequester crisis in the United States has generated more even more interest in open source technology
* big data analytic techniques have not matured except for scalability and timeliness where machine learning is progressing but not matured to the singularity
* many (but not all) presenters failed to use analytics or visualization in presentations
* events that combine technology and government result in far too many acronyms
Chris Kenly: #opensource released at 0.7 flaws per K lines of code, higher than commercial quality @Aveska #OADCFreeBalance
POV: Large #EnSw vendors don’t have economies of scale to compete effectively with #opensource tools & #middleware #OADCFreeBalance
Chris Kenly: like #Oracle, many commercial products funded by government @Aveska #OADCFreeBalance
"The important thing is not what people are saying but why." @ikanowdata #socialmedia intelligence & metrics #oadcAmber
Underlying #OADC theme is agility & #opensource as enablerFreeBalance
Most at #OADC don’t see big impact of machine learning for #bigdataFreeBalance
Use of macs or prezi seem to be dominating #OADC presosFreeBalance
Government & tech, an acronym match made in heaven #OADCFreeBalance
Awesome set of US gov alphabet soup acronyms at #OADC todayFreeBalance
Analytics with NoSQL: Why, for what, and when?
Dr. Edouard Servan-Schrieber
.@edouardss ready to take off #OADC
What is Analytics? #OADC alerting, insights, transforming, operating smarter, analytics-driven actions in real-time <a href="" class=""></a>Charles Webster, MD
.@edouardss #OADC #bigdata problem not in scoring-in arriving at variablesFreeBalance
.@edouardss #OADC even simple #analytics like customer segmentation can be highly complexFreeBalance
.@edouardss #OADC batch #analytics at night is ‘thin’FreeBalance
.@edouardss #OADC: #analytics holy grail is analytics-driven action in real-timeFreeBalance
.@edouardss #OADC : some analytics just distracting to execs, not providing insight to enable business changeFreeBalance
This @edouardss #OADC example where camera changes retail ad based on man or woman in real time shows how #bigdata ~ minority reportFreeBalance
.@edouardss #OADC what is new about #bigdata that capacity to store data overwhelming ability to move data aroundFreeBalance
.@edouardss #OADC relational db answer to scaling: get a bigger serverFreeBalance
Great presentation from @edouardss at #oadc. Both informative and entertaining. Laughter is always a good thing! <a href="" class=""></a>Craig Vitter
Data Analytics in the Government
Donald Cox
.@RecoverDotGov’s @DonaldICox on #dataanalytics at #OADC. #digitalgov #opendata <a href="" class=""></a>Carahsoft
Donald Cox humans still doing 70% of #analytics work #OADCFreeBalance
Donald Cox @RecoveryDotGov explaining ‘anti deficient’ problem in #opensource contracts #OADCFreeBalance
I’ve been retweeted onto @RecoveryDotGov home page
Donald Cox @RecoveryDotGov predicts gov requirements for data scientists #OADCFreeBalance
Donald Cox @RecoveryDotGov any app built for gov should include APIs #OADCFreeBalance
Under Recovery Act we’re making recipients report back on #fedgov funding. Using API tools to organize that data. – @DonaldICox #OADC #oGovCarahsoft
Gov people often criticized for busy slides, but this why they call it @Bigdata #OADCFreeBalance
Donald Cox @RecoveryDotGov internal gov #bigdata problem is data quality #OADCFreeBalance
Donald Cox @RecoveryDotGov data standards, db agnostic required to enable gov to leverage #bigdata #OADCFreeBalance
Donald Cox @RecoveryDotGov #bigdata use cases: waste, fraud, risk management, #transparency, #accountability #OADCFreeBalance
Donald Cox @RecoveryDotGov people live on cell phones, critical law enforcement #bigdata source #OADCFreeBalance
Need for data standards – data quality, APIs, #opensource license, the #datascientist & data availability. – @DonaldICox #OADC #opengovCarahsoft
Donald Cox @RecoveryDotGov so successful on #analytics has 2more years of funding #OADCFreeBalance
The Power of Graph Analysis: Grasping the Shape of Business Influence

James Kobielus

At #OADC @jameskobielus is diving in to engaging and identifying influence with #graphanalysis. #bigdata <a href="" class=""></a>OpenAnalytics
Some fundamental graphing terms from @jameskobielus #OADC #graphanalysis #bigdata
Learning analytics: the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data
Sean Patrick Murphy
.@Sayhitosean setting up #OADCFreeBalance
.@SayHiToSean critical to have subject matter expertise to leverage #bigdata #analytics #OADCFreeBalance
.@SayHiToSean on vanity metrics = solidifying bad habits #OADCFreeBalance
.@SayHiToSean use of tools to navigate data prior to #bigdata productization #OADCFreeBalance
.@SayHiToSean has applied hype cycle for data scientists where trough is ‘data wrangling’ #OADCFreeBalance
.@SayHiToSean on using #analytics to improve learning #OADCFreeBalance
What is Learning Analytics #OADC session w/ @JohnsHopkins’s @SayHiToSean is off to a lively start. <a href="" class=""></a>Carahsoft
The session: “What kind of economic and public value does government open data generate” was cancelled
Drat! #opendata public value session canceled #OADCFreeBalance

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Doug Hadden

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