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Transparency and Performance in Timor-Leste


September 11, 2013

Doug Hadden, VP Products

What do governments expect to achieve in the adoption of Government Resource Planning (GRP) systems? What is the performance of the FreeBalance Accountability Suite to meet these objectives?

The curious thing is how our business in helping governments become more effective and transparent helps us to be more accountable. Which is a good thing if your business model is customer-centric. Our work in Timor-Leste has helped us develop better tools for government performance. One of those tools is a public "results portal." This portal describes the objectives and progress of the FreeBalance Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) project.

According to the portal:

  • The Budget Transparency Portal is a public website where citizens, donors, NGOs and the press can analyze and interrogate RDTL budget execution information from the FMIS in an interactive manner. It presents budget information in terms of: amount appropriated by Parliament, virements, funds that are Committed, Obligated and Actuals. 
  • The eProcurement Portal allows citizens, donors, NGOs and the press to analyze and search information related to goods, services or works that RDTL is procuring.  All tenders by Line Ministries will be posted at a single site, for potential bidders to be able to download tenders from the site, for award to be published there, and for all citizens to be able to follow all required procedures. 
  • The Contract management module enables the government to keep track of its contracts execution, tasks, documents, payment and closure. It ensures that vendor performance meets contractual requirements. Tasks, payments, milestones, inspection reports, and approvals will be adapted through the workflow process built into the system. Workflow offers alerting messages functionality as reminders specific tasks have yet to be performed. 
  • Other software being implemented include the Managers Dashboard, Document Management System, and the Analytics (OLAP), which are Business Intelligence tools to support the decision making process. 
  • The systems component covers support of key initiatives currently underway, including the decentralization and support of the Government Performance Budgeting system, Procurement Module, Government Fixed Assets, Payroll and Customized Management Reporting.
  • This project will contribute with greater government efficiency, accountability and transparency, that will translate into social programs being more responsive to poverty reduction and other social needs.
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Doug Hadden

Doug Hadden

Executive Vice President, Innovation at FreeBalance
Doug is responsible for identifying new global markets, new technologies and trends, and new and enhanced internal processes. Doug leads a cross-functional international team that is responsible for developing product prototypes and innovative go-to-market strategies.

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