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Smart Solutions for Government

FreeBalance has worked alongside governments for 30 years building public financial management solutions that meet their unique needs. FreeBalance believes strongly in fiscal transparency and accountability and our products help bring the power of open government to citizens and decision-makers around the world.



FreeBalance Accountability Suite

The industry leader in public financial management solutions, FreeBalance Accountability Suite covers the entire budget cycle and manages all critical government fiscal systems. Learn more about FreeBalance Accountability Suite.

FreeBalance Accountability Portals

The drive towards transparency and open data is changing governance around the world. The FreeBalance Accountability Portals provide real-time data and metrics to government leaders, stakeholders, and even citizens, to empower the best decisions, the most efficient use of government resources and great outcomes for society.

FreeBalance Accountability Platform

The entire FreeBalance portfolio is built on the FreeBalance Accountability Platform, our web-based, Java-powered platform designed exclusively for government financial management supporting centralized or hybrid deployment models.