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Partners Overview

FreeBalance is committed to developing and maintaining global partnerships and alliances that will strengthen government accountability, fiscal transparency and good governance.

Partner relationships enhance our practice leadership in public financial management with local knowledge and global expertise required to support government projects.

FreeBalance Policy on Integrity Due Diligence (IDD)

FreeBalance Integrity Due Diligence (IDD) requirements provide improved integrity control of potential business partners – particularly in countries where corruption is endemic and where partners and business practices are unfamiliar. Accordingly, prior to entering into a business relationship, FreeBalance will conduct risk-based due diligence of all business partners consistent with the requirements of this policy. FreeBalance will also conduct ongoing monitoring of business partners.

Systems Integration Partners

Systems Integration Partners include international systems integrators, regional turnkey delivery partners and international government specialists. These partners are certified to install, configure, train and support FreeBalance applications. These partners have established expertise in enterprise applications and public financial management. They are capable of providing prime contracting project management services for turnkey solutions.

Business Alliances

Business Alliances provide public financial management services and advice, but are rarely part of a FreeBalance technology implementation team. Business alliances include policy consultancies, financial auditors and non-governmental organizations that share the FreeBalance objective for improving fiscal transparency. FreeBalance collaborates with these partners through information sharing, product futures discussions and support for international financial standards.

Government Technology Partners

Government Technology partners provide technology components for the FreeBalance solutions that are tightly integrated with FreeBalance software and sold through the FreeBalance channel. Government Technology partners include vendors of secure cheque printing, inventory management and forms management technologies.

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