Government Receipts Management

Government Receipts Management

Enables governments to raise revenue and collect receipts

Government Receipts Management Overview

(GRM) Government Receipts Management enables the unique revenue raising mechanisms of government, such as taxation. The modules can be combined and configured in any way and can be progressively activated in line with a sequenced PFM reform program.

Non-Tax Revenue

Non-Tax Revenue

Supports government sales and other income including licensing and permits.

Tax Revenue

Tax Revenue

Supports tax administration for income, business, imports and property.

Billing and Receipts

Billing and Receipts

Supports receipts collection including utility billing, collections and cashiering.

Government Receipts Management Modules

(GRM) Government Receipts Management is one of the six core product pillars within the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ and is composed of a number of modules that can be implemented as a standalone or part of a unified solution. The GRM pillar enables governments to raise revenue and collect receipts.

  • (GRRV) Government Receipts Management

  • (GRCS) Cashiering

  • (GRPL) Permits and Licensing

  • (GRCE) Customs Taxation

  • (GRCT) Corporate Income Tax Administration

  • (GRPI) Personal Income Tax Administration

  • (GRPT) Property Taxes

  • (GRBP) Bill Presentment

  • (GRCM) Case Management

  • (GRCR) Customer Relationship Management

  • (GRUB) Utility Billing

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