Government Advisory Services

With deep experience in both developed and emerging countries, FreeBalance has unparalleled experience in public finance reform. Technology agnostic public sector consulting services enable governments to develop, implement and sustain effective PFM reform agendas.

FreeBalance’s Advisory Services are customized for governments and include:



Helping governments to identify the best sequence of PFM reforms based on their country context


Modern Ministry

Helping Ministries of Finance to achieve the internal structural and operational evolution required to support a modern PFM reform journey


Government Resource Planning

Helping governments to successfully implement the right GRP solution based on a risk and opportunity analysis of GRP subsystems, data centre infrastructures and IT capabilities


Smart Prosperity

Helping governments to align policies and budgets in order to achieve citizen wellbeing and sustainable development


Pandemic Response

As the global PFM specialist, we’ve developed a portfolio of products and services to overcome fiscal challenges related to the pandemic

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Implementation Services

FreeBalance’s Implementation Services consist of:

  • Private Sector Project Management that delivers the product and project coordination necessary to ensure government implementation success and reduce risk.

  • Solution Implementation that follows government project management requirements and good practices for quality assurance in government.

  • Solution Integration that supports the unique requirements for each government implementation including localization, configuration and integration.

  • Solution Acceptance that provides the quality assurance necessary to move the software configuration into a production environment.

  • All services are delivered using our bespoke, ISO 9001:2015 certified A-i3+qM™ agile government implementation methodology.

Government Implementation Methodology


A-i3+qM™ is FreeBalance’s proprietary ISO-9001:2015 certified agile government implementation methodology. It covers software implementation, software customization for customers and software product development.

This is not a generic technique. It is a government project management methodology, having evolved from almost 40 years of experience in international PFM and government transformation.

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Sustainability Services

Ensuring that a country’s PFM investments are sustainable is core to the FreeBalance purpose-led mandate of improving citizen wellbeing and combating corruption.

FreeBalance is committed to maximizing the value derived and has a range of public sector support services to help governments leverage their systems.

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