Civil Service Management

Civil Service Management

Enables governments to manage the civil service cycle

Civil Service Management Overview

(CSM) Civil Service Management provides a fully integrated web-based human resource information management and payroll system designed exclusively for government. From recruitment through retirement, Civil Service Management delivers a complete government HR solution.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Supports civil service reform and management including movement, capacity building, salary planning, performance appraisal and recruitment.

Payroll and Pensions

Payroll and Pensions

Supports government rules for payroll and pensions.

Benefits and Self Service

Benefits and Self Service

Supports civil service benefits, travel and subsistence, and self-service portals.

Civil Service Management Modules

(CSM) Civil Service Management is one of the six core product pillars within the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ and is composed of a number of modules that can be implemented as a standalone or part of a unified solution. The CSM pillar enables governments to manage the entire civil service cycle.

  • (CSBM) Benefits Management

  • (CSCB) Capacity Building and Training

  • (CSFD) Financial Disclosure

  • (CSMV) Civil Service Movement

  • (CSPA) Civil Service Performance Appraisal

  • (CSPL) Civil Service Planning

  • (CSPM) Payment Management

  • (CSPN) Pension Management

  • (CSPR) Payroll

  • (CSRC) Civil Service Recruitment

  • (CSSS) Employee Self-Service

  • (CSTA) Time and Attendance

  • (CSTM) Talent Management

  • (CSTS) Travel and Subsistence

  • (CSWM) Workforce Management

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