Government Performance Management

Government Performance Management

Empowers governments to improve results and outcomes

Government Performance Management Overview

(GPM) Government Performance Management empowers governments to achieve better results through access to data and metrics. The ability to tie performance directly to budgeting allows for improved outcomes for public sector departments. Features include:


Performance Budgeting

Supports credible budgets, forecasting and improved performance including budget preparation, performance management and a Key Performance Indicator library.

Designed for Government

Monitoring and Evaluation

Supports improved decision making including records management, reporting, a data mart, dashboard and alerts.

Government Transparency

Government Transparency

Supports publishing performance and budget information to a transparency portal and computer-aided audit.

Government Performance Management Modules

(GPM) Government Performance Management is one of the six core product pillars within the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ and is composed of a number of modules that can be implemented individually or as part of a unified solution. The GPM pillar empowers governments to improve public sector performance, service delivery to citizens and to achieve national development goals.

  • (GPBB) Budget Book Builder

  • (GPPB) Government Performance Budgeting

  • (GPPM) Government Performance Management

  • (GPCE) President/Prime Minister Dashboard

  • (GPMD) Minister’s Dashboard

  • (GPMG) Manager’s Dashboard

  • (GPMA) Management Alerts

  • (GPDM) FreeBalance Datamart

  • (GPER) eResults Portal

  • (GPPR) Government Portal

  • (GPTP) Transparency Portal

  • (GPCT) Court Case Tracking

  • (GPCR) Customized Reporting

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