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OECD takes aim at corruption in Greece


October 12, 2016

With the support of the European Commission, corruption is now in the cross-hairs of the OECD and Greek government.

Earlier this month, the OECD announced it will help Greece implement its National Anti-Corruption Action Plan under the coordination of the General Secretariat for Anti-Corruption.

Aimed at promoting integrity within the government, the Anti-Corruption Action Plan will enhance public-private partnerships on tackling fraud and corruption as well as raise public awareness of the negative impact of corruption for Greek society.

“The fight against corruption is one of the most effective ways to promote more resilient, inclusive and sustainable economic growth. It is also essential to restoring public trust in our governments, corporations and national institutions. It is crucial to recovering trust in democracy and market economies, trust in our countries,” said Gabriela Ramos, head of the OECD-Greece Joint Steering Committee during the launch.

Over the next 18 months, the OECD will focus on 10 targeted outcomes:

  1. Update internal and external audit mechanisms;
  2. Create new anti-corruption approaches for high risk policy areas;
  3. Strengthen institutional capacity of the General Secretariat against corruption;
  4. Enhance anti-corruption awareness across relevant stakeholders;
  5. Increase protection for whistle-blowers in both public and private sectors;
  6. Improve system to process corruption complaints;
  7. Improve integrity through asset declaration, conflict of interest and political financing systems;
  8. Add integrity into the education system;
  9. Strengthen public-private partnerships in combating corruption;
  10. Improve asset recovery system.

But this is just the beginning. According to the OECD, taking aim at corruption in Greece is the first step in a long road to boosting inclusive growth and improving the well-being of the nation.

The OECD and Greek government still have work to be do in key areas such as, education, investment, innovation, immigration and transportation.

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Michael Sutherland-Shaw

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