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Public Sector

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Public Sector Solutions

The FreeBalance Government Resource Planning system also offers an end-to-end solution for any public sector entity in need of an Integrated Financial Management Information System. Other public sector verticals include:

  • CivicTech

  • Public Health

  • Public Education

  • Central Banks

  • State-Owned Enterprises

  • Social Services and Pension Funds

Social Services Solution

The FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ is the only public financial management solution designed exclusively for the public sector.

FreeBalance has developed a new Social Services Solution. Based on the core functionality of the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ the package of modules offers an end-to-end solution for any government ministry, department or agency involved in social security.

Being used by a major pension fund in Latin America, this Government Resource Planning (GRP) solution makes a significant difference to pension schemes’ administration and accountability.

Functionality Includes:


(GPM) Government Performance Management

  • (GPPB) Government Performance Budgeting
  • (GPLR) Legal and Risk Management New


(PFM) Public Financials Management

  • (PFPF) Core Public Financials
  • (PFFA) Fixed Assets
  • (PFSI) Stores and Inventory


(PEM) Public Expenditure Management

  • (PEPR) Purchasing and Expenditures
  • (PEPM) Payment Management


(GRM) Government Receipts Management

  • (GRRV) Government Receipts Management


(GTM) Government Treasury Management

  • (GTBR) Bank Reconciliation
  • (GTCM) Cash Management
  • (GTDM) Debt Management
  • (GTIM) Investment Management
  • (GTLN) Loans Management New
  • (GTLM) Liquidity Management New


(CSM) Civil Service Management

  • (CSPR) Payroll
  • (CSBA) Benefits and Actuary Management New
  • (CSML) Member Loan Management New
  • (CSAC) Affiliations and Contributions New