PFM Reform Sequencing Is More Science Than Art

Unparalleled Experience in PFM Reform

As a specialized business-to-government firm with unparalleled experience in PFM reform, FreeBalance is the first choice for governments looking to plan and implement a PFM reform and nation building program.

FreeBalance solutions align country priorities, national development plans and donor objectives.

Public Sector Consulting

FreeBalance services help governments to achieve balanced prosperity, combat corruption, and deliver good governance, citizen wellbeing, sustainable development, and digital transformation outcomes.

These government advisory services are designed to:

  • Enhance government capabilities through country context analytics
  • Empower government-led reform and modernization through leveraging tools
  • Enable technology project management through government-specific agile methodology

Government Advisory Services

FreeBalance’s public sector consulting services are customized for governments and include:


Helping governments to identify the best sequence of PFM reforms based on their country context

Modern Ministry

Helping Ministries of Finance to achieve the internal structural and operational evolution required to support a modern PFM reform journey

Government Resource Planning

Helping governments to successfully implement the right GRP solution based on a risk and opportunity analysis of GRP subsystems, data centre infrastructures and IT capabilities

Smart Prosperity

Helping governments to align policies and budgets in order to achieve citizen wellbeing and sustainable development

Crisis Response

As a global PFM specialist, we’ve developed a portfolio of products and services to overcome fiscal challenges related to crisis events

What are the Key Elements of a Successful PFM Reform Program?

Our government advisory services enable governments to develop effective reform agendas. This consulting is technology agnostic – we never recommend “rip and replace” of Government Resource Planning (GRP) components with FreeBalance software unless there is no workable alternative.

These government advisory services are designed to:

  • Country Context
    We’ve adapted mainstream business strategy approaches to the public sector for a more objective determination of the country context within which governments operate.
  • PFM Sequencing
    A structured analytical approach yields effective plans that include prioritization based on context, logical mapping of inputs based on dependencies. This approach also identifies how governments can improve their PEFA scores.

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