Learn More About the FreeBalance Executive Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our management team oversees our global business operations making sure that our products, services and training exceed our customer expectations.

Manuel Schiappa Pietra

President and CEO

Manuel leads global growth strategies to advance the company’s objectives and to promote revenue, profitability and growth.

Donald Gibbons

Chief Financial Officer

Donald is responsible for the administrative, financial, legal and risk management operations of FreeBalance.

Bridget Kelly

Vice President, Alliances and Knowledge Management & Chief Compliance Officer

Bridget directs an alliance and partnership program focused on building a network of B2G advisory and solution expertise to support customers.

Doug Hadden

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Innovation

Doug analyzes global B2G markets and leads a cross-functional international team focused on government smart prosperity.

Gerard Rao

Vice President, Services

Gerard leads the advisory, implementation and sustainability services practice at FreeBalance.

Pedro Jorge

Vice President, Research and Development

Pedro leads the research and development of new technologies for FreeBalance’s portfolio of Government Resource Planning (GRP) solutions.

Matthew Olivier

Vice President, Revenue Marketing

Matthew plays an integral role in driving revenue growth for the company in the B2G market.

Aldo Sagastume

Vice President, Public Financial Management

As Vice President Public Financial Management, Aldo leads the company’s international PFM practice. Find out more about Aldo Sagastume.