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With FreeBalance’s dashboards, users can analyze and report on key performance indicators with ease. Business Intelligence (BI) tools typically visualize data in charts or graphs which makes it easier for stakeholders to understand how the government ministry, department or agency is doing. The solution enables users to create elaborate graphical dashboards and enhanced reporting solutions.

The dashboards within the (GPM) Government Performance Management pillar of the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ also enable the senior management team to share results and collaborate for improved decision making and performance.

Integrated Dashboard Solutions

FreeBalance dashboards support evidence based decision through automated statistical reports with KPIs which provide forecasts and analysis of critical fiscal information.

(GPCE) President / Prime Minister Dashboard

(GPCE) President / Prime Minister Dashboard

Executive level dashboards to support decision making and performance management.

(GPMD) Minister’s Dashboard

(GPMD) Minister’s Dashboard

Using transactions of a specific ministry, the dashboard gives scorecards that can be used interactively for deeper analysis.

(GPMG) Manager’s Dashboard

(GPMG) Manager’s Dashboard

Dashboards restricted to a specific functional area’s data to promote governance and accountability.

FreeBalance’s dashboard solutions enable governments to securely generate relevant financial reports and data analysis. This is achieved by dynamically rendering only the information that is available within the existing security protocols of the implemented modules of the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ .

The dashboards can exist as a stand-alone and have their own security configuration which means that users do not need to go to the FreeBalance system to access the dashboard.

BIRT Reports

BIRT Reports

BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool) is an open source software that FreeBalance bundles with its Government Resource Planning (GRP) solution, the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™, and is integrated into its Data Access Security (DAS) for all licensed users of the system.

The BIRT technology platform is used to create data visualizations and reports that can be embedded into rich customer and web applications.

BIRT Report Benefits

  • Useful documentation

  • BIRT Report Designer provides an easy wizard for creating charts

  • Enables component reusability across multiple reports such as report items, scripts, images, styles, etc.

  • Open source

  • Supports multiple data sources within your report

  • For each feature provides functionality that can be accessed through BIRT Report Designer UI without requiring custom code

FreeBalance DataMart


The (GPDM) FreeBalance DataMart is an independent data source that can be synchronized and configured according to the government’s needs. Reports can be generated without compromising system performance. The DataMart can manage information from multiple sources which enables end users to query information from all systems, combining information from various forecasts in the same report. The DataMart aggregates Public Financial Management information from disparate government information systems and stores this data in an easy to read and easy to understand layout. It enables both casual and power users to easily create, customize and add to their government’s repository of operational, tactical, and strategic reports. Unlike traditional BI solutions, FreeBalance’s DataMart is designed exclusively for Government Resource Planning analytics.

The DataMart uses the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ Version 7 database to help build benchmarking results. The Data Warehouse (DW) architecture with open-source Pentaho business intelligence technologies means that customers can build their own reports in addition to those developed by FreeBalance.

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