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New IATI paper on how to minimise the transparency burden: “Publish Once, Use Often”


March 24, 2010

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) recently announced the release of a new white paper. This paper outlines how IATI can offer added value to existing aid reporting systems without disproportionate cost to donors. The paper, Implementing IATI: Practical Proposals, argues that rather than just improving existing databases, IATI should extend the range of aid information that is made available, including documents as well as data, and make it quick and easy for users to find.

IATI Secretariat member Carolyn Culey explains how the system would work: “Donors would use their existing internal systems for collecting aid information.  But they would include additional information needed by other stakeholders and publish the information more rapidly, and in a common electronic format. They would then register the location of their information in an IATI Registry – a kind of online catalogue that would enable users to locate it.”

Read the Implementing IATI: Practical Proposals white paper >>

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