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FreeBalance Smart Government


FreeBalance provides the “smart” in Smart Government and Smart Cities through governance, open government, decision-making, planning, procurement and performance management functionality.

Smart Government Requires Public Financial Management

Public Financial Management (PFM) and Government Resource Planning (GRP) systems are not on the periphery of smart government. PFM is integral to the smart government lifecycle. Smart government is not “smart” without smart PFM. In particular, effective PFM provides a governance and decision-making structure.



Smart Government is the intersection of GRP technologies:

  • Covering the entire smart government & PFM lifecycle
  • Supporting open government and open data transparency
  • Integrating with SMACT technologies of
    • Social
    • Mobile
    • Analytics including big data, artificial intelligence, visualization, machine learning
    • Cloud -Internet of Things (IoT)

FreeBalance Smart Government Solutions

FreeBalance provides a unified governance foundation, the FreeBalance Accountability Platform, for Smart Government. This platform:

  • Improves government performance through a single view of data and effectiveness through automated controls
  • Reduces costs through SMACT technology integration to automate planning, financing, acquisition, implementation, contracts, and maintenance
  • Improves citizen engagement for better smart government results through transparency portals and citizen relationship management
  • Enhances smart government decision-making through public investment scenario planning and cost analysis

FreeBalance advisory services enable governments to prioritize smart government initiatives based on national priorities and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This includes setting up ICT systems to track results from planning through maintenance.

Integrated products and services


FreeBalance products and services enable the development of smart processes to support critical smart elements across many smart domains such as smart health, smart transport and smart energy. This holistic approach enables building smart government initiatives by leveraging previous projects.