5 Ways to Accelerate Financial Management Information System Time to Results class=

5 Ways to Accelerate Financial Management Information System Time to Results

Optimize Implementations with Government Resource Planning Software

Are you faced with the prospect of lengthy implementations of financial management software for your government?

  • Budget planning
  • Core financials
  • Procurement
  • Tax Administration
  • Payroll

The good news for government is that it’s possible to accelerate implementations by using Government Resource Planning (GRP) software:

  • Designed for government financial management
  • Configurable for majority of government needs
  • Reduced need for code customization
  • Like the FreeBalance Accountability Suite

What is different for implementations is the ability to use agile and iterative processes “on the fly”:

  • Configure business rules and workflow
  • Adapt language, terminology and help screens
  • Create new necessary tables and fields


Configuration vs. Customization
Why it matters is the ability to create a Minimum Viable Product configuration rapidly:

  • Progressively activate new functions and processes
  • Eliminate the need to document “to-be” processes by outputting configuration blueprints from GRP
  • Uncover government processes that were not described in procedures manuals
  • Achieve quick wins, demonstrating progress, to reduce change resistance

Methods to reduce complexity and accelerate the time to results include:

  1. Configure software in government workshops to validate needs
  2. Deliver iterations as working versions for testing, identifying most valuable needs
  3. Train government project teams on built-in GRP capabilities to eliminate unnecessary customization
  4. Evaluate scope changes by analyzing value and eliminate “poor practices”
  5. Monitor progress, problems, risks, and changes on physical or virtual agile boards

FreeBalance vs. Tier 1 ERP Pricing
By the numbers: GRP systems have half the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), on average, from ERP in government over 5 years, based on competitive bids.
Why it matters for public finance? Financial sustainability, and reform sustainability:

  • Significantly lower costs over the typical FMIS lifespan of 15 to 25 years
  • Progressive activate functions to support future legal and process reforms
  • Provide fiscal space to support underlying ICT infrastructure upgrades

Government Resource Planning: No-Code Configuration Adaptability Table