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FreeBalance Accountability Platform



The entire FreeBalance portfolio is built on the FreeBalance Accountability Platform, our web-based, Java-powered platform designed exclusively for government financial management supporting centralized or hybrid deployment models.



Deployment Options


The FreeBalance Accountability Platform supports the following deployment options to provide flexibility for any government:

  • Centralized Web-Based Deployment: Supports the traditional method for the deployment of pure web-based solutions is through a centralized structure.
  • Decentralized and developed deployment: Supports decentralized deployment of PFM functionality and multi-tiered synchronization for federal political systems or in situations where there is insufficient or non-existent network connectivity.
  • Hybrid deployment: Supports a combined approach that can include regional centres.


Cost Savings


To ensure a low total cost of ownership (TCO), FreeBalance Accountability Platform provides many efficiencies for government which means value for taxpayers:

  • Modular approach: Ability to add modules over time enables governments to implement critical functions, based on the country context, quickly to achieve value.
  • Support for modernization: Progressive activation to support reform and modernization.
  • Minimal IT support: Optimized technical footprint reduces the burden on IT to manage computer systems, networks and middleware software.