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FreeBalance Accountability Portals




All around the world, citizens, investors, vendors and donors are demanding more transparency and accountability in government. Open Government means more than just access to data, it requires data to be easily understood, user friendly and accessible to multiple audiences. The FreeBalance Accountability Portals support open data and open government initiatives by providing an accessible platform for sharing government data with the relevant stakeholders.



Results Portal


The FreeBalance Results Portal enables government to share political goals and objectives with citizens and publish metrics directly tied to achieving them. By providing a public portal for monitoring government performance against stated goals, open government becomes accessible and easy to understand.

  • Provides secure public access to government objectives and results
  • Supported by real-time budget data
  • Provides drill-down access to project level data
  • Evidence-based approach for government results
  • Platform for open government


Transparency Portal


The FreeBalance Transparency Portal supports open data and open government initiatives by providing full access to data related to day-to-day government spending and revenue. Once published, this real-time budget data provides a window into public financial management, and the ability for citizens, investors and media to drill down to project specific details.

  • Provides secure public access to the budget cycle and results
  • Supported by real-time budget execution data
  • Integrates seamlessly with the transactional system
  • Provides drill-down access to project level data
  • Platform for open government


eProcurement Portal


The FreeBalance eProcurement Portal provides an open platform to ensure accountability in government tenders. The public procurement processes must be as fair, open, and transparent as possible.

The eProcurement Portal creates a centralized database so all vendors can access bids and related information from one location. An effective electronic government procurement system improves efficiency, reduces corruption, and increases competition, leading to lower costs and improved value for money.

  • Web-based eProcurement portal
  • Integrates with back-office procurement software
  • Integrates with back-office budget software
  • Supports multiple stage procurement cycles
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Enables vendor registration and notices
  • Publishes tender winners to support transparency
  • Ability to Blacklist vendors


Powered by FreeBalance Accountability Suite


The FreeBalance Accountability Portals are powered by the only public financial management solution built exclusively for government—the FreeBalance Accountability Suite. The FreeBalance Accountability Suite is a complete PFM solution that covers the entire government resource planning cycle. The FreeBalance Accountability Suite is a flexible, modular system that starts off simple but can scale over time to reflect the evolving needs of government and public sector organizations.

  • Access securely from the browser anywhere in the world
  • Seamless integration with FreeBalance Accountability Suite
  • View high level summary or drill down to details
  • Mobile-friendly adaptive interface