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FreeBalance Integrated, Iterative, Implementation and Quality Methodology

FreeBalance uses a proven unified methodology to support both product development and implementation services. Our methodology adapts good practices in product development and implementation services to the unique requirements of each country and government level.

Guarantee – The FreeBalance i3+qM methodology guarantees that implementations will be on-time and on-budget.


Key Elements of the FreeBalance Methodology

  • Integrated Teams – services and product development are provided by an integrated team focused on the customer to provide transparency and quick problem resolution.
  • Iterative Response to Changes – a sequenced approach to customer and implementation changes. Our methodology is based agile software development like Extreme Programming (XP) that place high value on adaptability. Agile development allows changes at any stage of a project. FreeBalance extends agile development techniques to services as well to enable fast response and to reduce risks.
  • Implementation Focus – international good practices templates are combined with proven program management processes to accelerate implementation. Our methodology is focused on the success of each specific customer implementation, not software releases. The FreeBalance Program Management Office manages both services and product development teams.
  • Quality Testing – each country-specific implementation of the FreeBalance Accountability Suite is tested through unit, system, load/stress and regression testing, based on actual customer environments.