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FreeBalance Planning Services are provided to help governments plan the implementation of an integrated financial management information system (IFMIS) within the context of broader government reform or as part of the FreeBalance Accountability Suite implementation process.

I. Readiness Assessment Services

Provide an assessment of government readiness to implement an integrated financial management information system (IFMIS):

  • Infrastructure Readiness – assessment of the technical infrastructure
  • Capacity Analysis – assessment of civil service capacity
  • Government Good Practices Benchmark – assessment of government processes.

II. Needs Analysis Services

Evaluation of government needs in the context of specific country circumstances, legal reform process and political traditions:

  • PFM Laws and Policy Analysis – analysis of the legal and political framework of fiscal reform.
  • PFM Priorities – analysis of the public finance management (PFM) priorities within the framework of PFM reform and country context
  • Footprint Analysis – analysis of the technology footprint of FreeBalance modules, number of users, and government entities managed by the IFMIS
  • Current Process Analysis – analysis of the existing financial management process with its legal framework and historical background
  • Process Improvement Opportunities – articulation of possible process improvements with the implementation of FreeBalance Accountability Suite
  • COA Requirements – analysis of the Chart of Accounts (COA) and recommendations for uniform budget classification and implementation of the COA
  • Government Good Practices Opportunities – identification and articulation of government good practices to be implemented with the FMIS.
  • Donor Requirements – analysis of donor requirements for reporting and funds management and articulation of how they are handled by the FreeBalance Accountability Suite

III. Fit Gap Services

Mapping of customer needs to FreeBalance Accountability Suite modules and components

  • Modules vs. Needs – analysis of how the different modules of FreeBalance Accountability Suite map against customer needs
  • Configuration vs. Needs – analysis of configuration requirements and recommendations for country-specific configuration of the FreeBalance Accountability Suite
  • Localization Analysis – analysis of translation requirements, terminology and software localization