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Corporate Social Responsibility News Digest

Social responsibility and sustainability news uncovered by the FreeBalance Strategy and Innovation Group.
THE 2017 CSR ROLLER COASTER: CR Magazine described poll results from CECP – the CEO Force for Good members about reduced social activism in 2016 followed by increases in 2017. This social dialog should not just be the purview of large companies. CSR should be part of startup strategy according to Jyoti Agrawal in indentified how startups can connect better with customers with social responsibility. Startups can chart out effective and responsible brand positions using content marketing and employee advocacy.
CLIMATE CHANGE AND NATIONAL SECURITY: Is climate change a bigger threat than military action in the United States? Climate change can result in financial ruin, according to Miriam Pemberton of the Institute of Policy Studies. She points out that the American military has “identified climate change as a major threat to our security.” Meanwhile, John Grimond asks whether water is a liquid asset or a human right in the Economist. He describes the sources for fresh water and the significant use of that water in agriculture with potential negative consequences. There is hope for climate change and the use of renewable energy. An overview of a recent report from Mark Z. Jacobson of Stanford University and 26 colleagues is summarized in the Eurasia Review.  The study showed how 139 countries could by entirely powered by renewable energy by 2050.
ECONOMICS, ENVIRONMENT AND CONNECTIVITY IN THE ARCTIC: How can northern resources lead to growth without environmental problems? Ritikaa Iyer describes the issues and opportunities of profitability and environmental protection in the World Policy Blog. She described efforts by the Arctic Economic Council to “strike a balance between profitability and environmental protection” while improving connectivity.