Social Responsibility News Roundup class=

Social Responsibility News Roundup

August CSR, impact investing and sustainability news so far, found by the FreeBalance Strategy and Innovation Group.
POSITIVE IMPACT IS COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: CEOs recognize the CSR is tied to long-term business success. Jed Wolf of Sustainable Brands finds patterns from CEO interviews.
THE CSR SILENCE OF ACTIVIST INVESTORS: Clara Herzberg of Truthout describes for activist investors steer clear of CSR talk when raiding company assets.
MILLENNIALS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Wes Gay in Forbes describes how the “idealistic, altruistic generation” is driving CSR activities. “Millennials tend to be generous with their time, money and influence. They freely use their social media platforms to raise awareness and money for causes important to them.”
CLIMATE CHANGE AND AMERICAN POLITICS: New York Times reporter Lisa Friedman describes the fears among scientists that the current American administration will ignore a new climate change report.
POOR PROGRESS TO SDGs IN US CITIES: The United States is falling behind developed countries in meeting Sustainable Development Goals. Ben Schiller in Fast Company shows the wide range of SDGs achievements among US cities.