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GovTech & GRP News Digest

Government Technology and Government Resource Planning news from last week, curated by the FreeBalance Strategy and Innovation Group.
DIGITAL DIFFICULT IN GOVERNMENT: Derek du Preez, of Diginomica, reports on the effectiveness of digital spending by the Government of Australia.  The opposition claims that additional spending has resulted in “digital wreckage” in the order of billions of dollars. 7 IT project failures are cited.
DIGITAL DIFFICULT IN GOVERNMENT: Government of Canada CIO, Alex Beney, calls for a fundamental change in approach to digital technology in government.
A SMALL LEAK AND LEGACY TECHNOLOGY: Rebooting legacy systems after a water leak causes problems at Statistics Canada.  Dean Beeby, of CBC News, reports that the failure by Shared Services Canada to upgrade systems created 30 hours of downtime problems.
INCREASING USE OF MOBILE ON GOVERNMENT WEB SITES: In December 2016, mobile devices (smartphone and tablet) accounted for 43 percent of all traffic vs. 36 percent the same time the year before in US federal government web sites. Freddie Blicher,  with the Digital Analytics Program, outlines mobile trends in DigitalGov.
THE PUBLIC CLOUD TSUNAMI, OR IS IT? Tomi Kilgore, of MarketWatch, reports on an IDC prediction that public cloud spending will increase 25% over last year. Meanwhile, a Commvault report suggests “81% of IT leaders were either extremely concerned or very concerned about missing out on cloud advancements.”
TECHNOLOGY ANALYST ABERDEEN PROMOTES NOTION OF UPGRADING TO LATEST ERP VERSION: According to Aberdeen, those on the latest version are 35% more likely to utilize best practices contained with their ERP solution; 2.8x as likely to have access to ERP from mobile devices; 46% more likely to have business analytics embedded into ERP; 2X as likely to have eCommerce integrated into ERP; 5.1X as likely to have social business capabilities in ERP.