Follow Up on GTEC class=

Follow Up on GTEC

Last week FreeBalance participated in the GTEC 2009 conference – Canada’s Government Technology Event.  The event attracted more than 7000 participants, hundreds of exhibitors, and featured speeches from Government of Canada CIOs, directors, technology experts and industry thought leaders.
The theme for the 2009 event was the use of Web 2.0 mashups for government where an application combines functionality from two or more sources to create a new service. Each of the 35 conference speakers underscored the need for mashups that are useful, and provide new and high value results. They warned against time spent reusing or repurposing the same systems for already realized benefits and presented the promise of a shared services platform as a pathway to an integrated and holistic management framework.
We are pleased that the feature set of the recently announced FreeBalance Accountability Platform aligns with the key messages of the conference speakers.  As a platform that enables system and information interoperability, the FreeBalance Accountability Platform leverages existing government assets and data to create meaningful applications. In this regard, the FreeBalance Accountability Platform can be used to mashup information from different applications across different institutions to foster innovation, collaboration and transparency.
The deployment flexibility and progressive activation features of the FreeBalance Accountability Platform make it easy to rally small teams to implement faster and deliver government value faster than ever before.
FreeBalance software is the most widely used financial management software in the government of Canada. The FreeBalance Accountability Platform is a solution to the challenge of implementing an integrated shared services platform. FreeBalance and FreeBalance partners use the FreeBalance Accountability Platform to create mashups that integrate information from government information systems faster and more reliably than other vendors.
We’re very excited by the government resource planning innovation that has been occurring in our FreeBalance development labs. This includes the development of the next generation of the FreeBalance Accountability Suite using the FreeBalance Accountability Platform. This also includes the development of out of the box portals that tie community activities and performance to the management accountability framework, a Government of Canada standard.
FreeBalance software is designed exclusively to meet the unique and evolving requirements of government, including the need for enhanced government resource planning services. FreeBalance is at the forefront of delivering new high value benefits using Web 2.0 mashups by combining transaction management with content and collaboration.