Gartner Group leads the Enterprise Software April Fools Contest class=

Gartner Group leads the Enterprise Software April Fools Contest

Doug Hadden, VP Products

April 1 is for pranks. The best ‘April Fools’ pranks are those that satirize. The tech industry takes itself too seriously. Here’s a compilation of some of the best enterprise software April Fools tweets and blog entries from 2013.

Enterprise Software April Fools

Tech analysts the Gartner Group enters the top right leaders position in the EnSw April Fools magic quadrant!

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From Gartner Hype Cycle to ‘Garter’ Hype Bicycle
Garter Introduces the Hype Bicycle14 years at Gartner Jeffrey Mann Research VP 26 years IT industry Jeffrey Mann is a research vice president for collaboration and social software at Gartner Research. Mr. Mann focuses on social software, team workspaces, the collaboration market and knowledge management.
#Gartner builds on consumerization strategy #EnSw #AprilFools
From ‘Nexus of forces’ to acquiring Nexxus. That second x enhances geekability.
Gartner builds on consumerization strategy8 years at Gartner Mark P. McDonald GVP EXP 24 years IT industry Mark McDonald, Ph.D., is a group vice president and head of research in Gartner Executive Programs. He is the co-author of The Social Organization with Anthony Bradley.
Some shots at the #EnSw vendor hype.
“@dealarchitect: #SAP faces massive #HANA pushback” #EnSw #AprilFoolsFreeBalance
RT @alanlepo: For April Fools day I was going to post abt Enterprise 4.0, but I don’t feel like arguing w/ people about the def :-). #socbizR Ray Wang
No tech journalist falls for #EnSw company press release hype today. #AprilFoolsFreeBalance
Major #EnSw to admit that #bestpractices are defined as how the software works #AprilFoolsFreeBalance
#SAP announces that is in bottom left #magicquadrant #EnSw #AprilFoolsFreeBalance
#Oracle to acquire #Oracle to embed itself within itself as part of hybrid #cloud strategy #EnSw #AprilFoolsFreeBalance