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New financial solution to strengthen accountability and service delivery in Kiribatit

Islands Business

“A new Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) for Kiribati is expected to usher in a new era of efficiency in public service delivery and accountability for the island nation. “

(August 29, 2022)

Government of Kiribati Selects FreeBalance to strengthen public financial management

Business Mole

“The Government of Oceania state , Kiribati, has selected FreeBalance, a Public Financial Management (PFM) solutions and advisory firm to help them deliver an Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS).”

(August 26, 2022)

Oceania nation Kiribati embraces tech for greater accountability

SME Bulletin

“How governments manage their finances could be about to change, according to FreeBalance PFM, a new public financial management (PFM) solution.”

(August 26, 2022)

PFM could change government finance as we know it as Kiribati hires FreeBalance

News Anyway

“A new company who is working within this sphere could be about to change how finances work at a governmental level. The firm in question is FreeBalance PFM. They have just been selected by the government of the Oceania state Kirabiti to provide the country with an Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS).”

(August 26, 2022)

Oceania state commits to more accountability with FreeBalance


“FreeBalance is a company who is trying to change how governments manage their finances. The firm has just been selected by the government of the Oceania state, Kiribati, to provide them with an Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS).”

(August 26, 2022)

‘Asian Digital Finance Forum & Awards’ held in Colombo

Daily News

“‘Asian Digital Finance Forum & Awards’ was recently hosted by the Asian FinTech Academy (AFTA) in a hybrid format virtually and in-person at Hilton Colombo.”

(March 21, 20222)

‘Asian Digital Finance Forum & Awards’ held in Colombo


“‘Asian Digital Finance Forum & Awards’ was recently hosted by the Asian FinTech Academy (AFTA) in collaboration with Colorado, USA based American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) and Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM) in a hybrid format virtually and in-person at Hilton Colombo.”

(March 18, 20222)

FreeBalance Wins PFM Reform Award in Sri Lanka


“Matthew Olivier, Vice President, Revenue Marketing, FreeBalance collected the award on behalf of the company and said: “FreeBalance has been supporting public financial management reform in Sri Lanka for nearly a decade. The progress has been remarkable and would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication of the Ministry of Finance team.”

(March 15, 20222)

FreeBalance Wins PFM Reform Award in Sri Lanka


“FreeBalance, a global Public Financial Management (PFM) solutions, and advisory services firm, was recognized with the ‘Excellence in Public Finance Reform’ award at the Asian Digital Finance Forum and Awards event held yesterday in Colombo, Sri Lanka. “

(March 14, 20222)

ACCA and FreeBalance sign Memorandum of Understanding

Digital Journal

“A new partnership has been agreed with ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and FreeBalance, focusing on supporting Public Financial Management (PFM) Reform.”

(December 2021)

ACCA partners with FreeBalance

Accountancy Today

“The partnership includes the provision of ACCA Certifications through the FreeBalance Academy and the promotion of public sector financial management for strong economies.”

(December 2021)

ACCA, FreeBalance sign Public Financial Management reform MoU


“The partnership includes the provision of ACCA Certifications through the FreeBalance Academy, and the organisations will also explore joint public sector related research, policy responses and global events together to promote the value of public sector financial management for strong economies.”

(December 2021)

ACCA, FreeBalance sign Public Financial Management reform MoU


“A new partnership has been agreed with ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and FreeBalance, focusing on supporting Public Financial Management reforms”

(December 2021)

ACCA and FreeBalance sign Memorandum of Understanding


“The collaboration consists of the arrangement of ACCA Certifications through The FreeBalance Academy, and the companies will likewise check out joint public sector associated research study, policy reactions and worldwide occasions together to promote the worth of public sector monetary management for strong economies.”

(December 2021)

ACCA and FreeBalance sign Memorandum of Understanding


“Under the agreement, ACCA and FreeBalance will explore global opportunities to collaborate in support of their mutual objectives to promote and enhance stronger public financial management. The partners share a commitment to supporting the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), and to enhancing transparency, promoting good governance and implementing sound fiscal management.”

(December 2021)

Comptrollers, Accountants Urged to Be Robust

“Comptrollers and Accountant General, Hon. Janga A Kowo made the urge over the weekend at the second phase of a three-day technical working section for comptrollers and accountants held in Kakata, Margibi Country from August 5 to August 7, 2021. “The second phase of the three days technical section is meant to show efficiency among comptrollers and accountants for sound financial reporting through the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS) FreeBalance platform across ministries and agencies’ Atty. Kowo explained.”

(August 2021)

ITMIS to be fully implemented by 2022

Sri Lanka Daily News

“The Integrated Treasury Management Information System (ITMIS) is to be fully implemented by the budget for 2022. Secretary to the Treasury S. R. Attygalle noted that utilisation of ITMIS was already quite high and as with government policy there would be more utilisation of digital channels. He said, “I commend the decision in 2013 to implement ITMIS. I am a strong believer that there forms to be successful must be led from the front and by those within the system itself.”

(February 2021)

Digital Transformation of Treasury Operations Through the Implementation of GFMIS Web Services

Strengthening Fiscal and Financial Sustainability Project, Mongolia

“Increasing budget comprehensiveness and transparency through better control, reporting, and expansion of the Government Financial Management Information System (GFMIS) capabilities is one of the main objectives of the Strengthening Fiscal and Financial Stability project framework jointly implemented by the Ministry of Finance and World Bank. In pursuit of the aim, the MOF has concluded a GFMIS extension contract to supply, enhance, and implement web services with GFMIS provider Free Balance, a Canadian software company.”

(February 2021)

Sefa Assina Contrato Para Implantação Do Novo Sistema De Administração Financeira Do Pará

Governo Do Pará

“A Secretaria de Estado da Fazenda (Sefa) assinou, nesta quinta-feira (27), a contratação de uma empresa de consultoria para atuar na implantação do novo Sistema Integrado de Administração Financeira Estadual (Siafe), que vai atender a todos os órgãos e entidades da administração pública estadual e será a principal ferramenta corporativa do Governo do Estado do Pará, quando entrar em funcionamento em 2021, substituindo o Siafem, atualmente em uso. A empresa contratada é a Freebalance INC., canadense com sede em Ottawa, no Canadá.”

(August 27, 2020)

FreeBalance, the Future of Government Company

The Leaders Globe

“Technology is transforming societies digitally with reduced unemployment, improved quality of life, and boosting citizens’ access to public services. But, when it comes to sustainability and growth, developing nations face inimitable challenges, even as globalization has led to many advancements throughout the world. This is where FreeBalance comes in.”

(September 2020)

Liberia: Ministry Of Finance And Development Planning Establishes Comptroller And Accountant

Front Page Africa

“He named some of the support to include, the automation of government budget execution through IFMIS free-balance at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, the extension or rollout of the automation to fifty (50) government ministries and Agencies with plans to roll out the remaining fifty-seven (57) MACS.”

(October 2020)

FreeBalance: Government Offerings Accelerates Sustainable Country Growth

Insights Success

“It wasn’t the 25 years of public finances software experience in the Government of Canada that attracted Manuel Pietra to Ottawa-based FreeBalance. With global executive experience, Pietra realized the potential to bring proven Government Resource Planning enterprise software to the world. What started as a quest to help countries grow through software has become a mission to propel smart prosperity through smart governance innovation and technology.”

(January, 2019)

DBM launches gov’t financial management system platform

GMA News

“The DBM in partnership with Globe Telecom and financial management software provider FreeBalance Inc. launched the Budget and Treasury Management System (BTMS) in Manila.”

(January 16, 2019)

DBM launches new gov’t financial management system for better transparency, accountability

Philippine Information Agency

“The Department of Budget and Management (DBM), in partnership with Globe Telecom and FreeBalance, Inc., announces the implementation of a secure and reliable modern financial management information system to achieve better transparency, accountability, and efficiency among national government agencies.”

(January 18, 2019)

Globe Telecom and FreeBalance partner to deliver new BTMS

“The BTMS project was awarded to the joint venture of Globe through its subsidiary, Innove Communications, and FreeBalance, Inc., a Canadian developer of software solutions for public financial management. For the project, Globe provided the infrastructure while FreeBalance developed the software based on globally-accepted solutions but configured and customized for the Philippine government.”

(January 18, 2019)

DBM launches financial management system

Philstar Global

“The DBM, in partnership with Globe Telecom Inc. and FreeBalance Inc., introduced the Budget and Treasury Management System (BTMS), an integrated and automated platform which will allow the reporting of government disbursements in real-time.”

(January 20, 2019)

Government of the Philippines Accelerates PFM Reform with FreeBalance Technology

“The FreeBalance solution will enable the Government of the Philippines to improve governance by taking advantage of web-native technology to improve transparency, accountability and development outcomes.”

(February 3, 2019)

FreeBalance Joins the Global Transparency Campaign


“FreeBalance helps governments around the world to leverage robust Government Resource Planning (GRP) technology to accelerate country growth, is joining the Global Campaign for Transparency, organized by Publish What You Fund. The campaign launches on June 8 and culminates at the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, Korea in early December.”

(June 26, 2019)

Integrated Treasury Management Information System for Government Ministries and Departments

Daily FT, Sri Lanka

“The Cabinet has approved procuring the necessary services from FreeBalance Inc., according to the recommendations of the appointed committees.”

(July 27, 2019)

Manuel Schiappa Pietra: Creating Smart Prosperity

Mirror Review

“All businesses have an opportunity and an obligation to make a difference in the world. Our actions matter and our success should be measured by the impact we have in the countries or communities where we do business”

(October 2019)

FreeBalance: The Emerging Smart Government Frontier

Banu John, APAC CIO Magazine

“Governments propel prosperity through smart public investments focused on citizen needs.”

(April, 2018)

Digital Innovation in Public Financial Management (PFM): Opportunities and implications for low-income countries

Alpha Beta Advisors

“East Timor uses budget preparation modules to run simulations of spending scenarios in parliament” Timor-Leste uses the FreeBalance Accountability Suite with integrated budget planning and financial management

(July 10, 2018)

Liberia: IFMIS, MTEF to Aid Corruption Fight

New Dawn

“The coordinator for the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) and Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning expresses optimism that the inclusion of 50 government ministries, agencies and commissions into the system would help reduce allegations of corruption in the public sector.”

(August 15, 2018)

Ministry of Finance Summary of Expenditures.

Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago

“The Chairman, Central Tenders Board by memorandum dated 3rd April, 2018 agreed to the award of a contract to FreeBalance Inc. for the procurement of IFMIS for the Ministry of Finance”

(October 2, 2018)

New It System To Enhance Public Fund Efficiency

Budget and Treasury Management System

“In partnership with the Government of the Philippines, the joint venture project– which will be implemented for 27 months– will develop, operate, and maintain a new IT system that would link the public financial management (PFM) processes of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and the Bureau of Treasury (BTr).”

(January 16, 2017)

Freebalance Wins Most Innovative Public Sector Management Solution Award

FreeBalance Blog

“We’re pleased to have been recognized by as having one of the world’s most innovative public sector management solutions.” – Matthew Oliver

(February 2017)

Dbm And Btr Regional Officers Undergo Phase Ii Training

Budget and Treasury Management System

“Regional officers and staff of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and the Bureau of the Treasury underwent weeklong trainings on the Budget Execution functions of the Budget and Treasury Management System (BTMS). A total of 68 regional representatives from the BTr and DBM obtained hands-on experience.”

(March 22, 2017)

Treasury Management Build Demo Begins

Budget and Treasury Management System

“The primary function of treasury management is to establish levels for cash from collections, grants, donations and borrowings so that the government can meet its financial obligations, subsidies and loan repayments on time. The first prototype build for Phase III, Treasury Management, was presented to the BTr on March 10, 2017.”

(March, 2017)

Btms Executes Parallel Go Live

Budget and Treasury Management System

“The Budget Treasury Management System (BTMS) began executing the Parallel Go Live that will initially run for the next two months. The Budget Execution Parallel is a microcosm of a full-scale BTMS implementation set for full implementation on January 2018.”

(April 3, 2017)

Technology to Speed Development in Emerging Economies

Video Web Summit

“Rebeca Grynspan of Ibero-Americana, Manish Singh of Crossbridge Capital & Manuel Pietra of FreeBalance with Edward Robinson of Bloomberg. How do emerging markets become fully fledged mature economies, and how can we use technology to speed up the process and sustain the results?”

(November 9, 2017)

Data Gathering And Business Process Mapping For Btms

Budget and Treasury Management System

“Several interviews and focused group discussions were conducted with the officers and staff of every bureau, division, and/or unit of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) involved in the performance of the financial management functions of the government.”

(February 2016)

FreeBalance Technology: Good Governance and Nation Building

APAC CIO Outlook

“While many organizations claim to be customer-centric, FreeBalance goes a step further and involves its customers in the company’s functioning and future development. In 2007, the company formed the FreeBalance International Steering Committee (FISC). FISC provides an interactive forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences among FreeBalance customers.”

(July 2016)

Local Government Finance and Fiscal Decentralization Reform Program, Subprogram 2: Report and Recommendation of the President

Asian Development Bank

“The report and recommendation of the President to the Board of Directors (RRP) document describes the terms and conditions of a project for consideration and approval by ADB’s Board of Directors.”

(November 2016)

Expanding Private Participation in Infrastructure Program, Subprogram 1: Report and Recommendation of the President

Asian Development Bank

“The report and recommendation of the President (RRP) document describes the terms and conditions of a project for consideration and approval by ADB.”

(October 2015)

Minister’s of Finance Roundtable meeting Commences

Letitia Henry,

“Change Management and Sustainable Reform” is the theme of the four day bi-annual Minister’s of Finance Roundtable meeting, which focuses on how participating countries can leverage technology to drive sustainable government reform and modernization efforts.”

(February 3, 2014)

Woohoo – I’m back!

Alexander Kjerulf – The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

“After that I flew straight from London to Antigua & Barbuda to do two keynotes for Canadian software company FreeBalance. One speech was for their steering committee and the other was for a group of finance ministers from different countries. Not only did I get to spend 4 days in Antigua, but I also got to speak to one of my most international audiences ever. The participants LOVED it and I get a major kick out of knowing that our ideas have now been spread to Mongolia, Sierra Leone, Laos, Uganda, Suriname, Kosovo and many other countries.”

(February 7, 2014)

Donors wield aid transparency power

“Transparency is a threatening concept. It opens up the organizational kimono to scrutiny. And, sometimes unfair levels of scrutiny, where a single gaff can become the defining narrative in the minds of the public.”

(March 10, 2014)

Canadian firms keen on developing business in Asia

GMA News Online

Matthew Olivier, director of marketing & corporate development at FreeBalance, a software company who sent representatives to this year’s ADB Fair said, “The Embassy has been instrumental in supporting our growth internationally. FreeBalance takes full advantage of the wide array of services offered to Canadian companies.”

(March 18, 2014)

Maximum Return on Public Investments in Suriname

IDB Web Stories

“The steady pace at which reforms are being implemented shows that the authorities are committed to changing the status quo. As a result, Suriname is on track to ensure it gets the maximum development return for every cent of public investment.”

(April 1, 2013)

FreeBalance Alliance with IOS Partners Promotes PFM Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building


“Leading provider of technical and advisory services to work with FreeBalance on design and delivery of knowledge transfer programs for the international Public Financial Management (PFM) community.”

(October 15, 2013)

Can Developing Countries Leapfrog Peer Countries in Fiscal Discipline and Transparency?


“FreeBalance presentation at ESAAG event to focus on the governance opportunity in developing countries and the use of technology to drive PFM reform and modernization.”

(October 16, 2013)

Who’s doing deals in Ottawa?

Ottawa Business Journal

“FreeBalance, an Ottawa-based supplier of government resource planning software, has allied with Miami, Florida-based consulting firm IOS Partners. The agreement will see IOS provide technical and advisory services to customers to augment FreeBalance’s resource planning services.”

(November 4, 2013)

Government of Sri Lanka to Leverage FreeBalance Technology to Drive Public Financial Management (PFM) Reform

Sri Lanka PRWeb

“Samsung SDS and FreeBalance Selected for a Country-wide Implementation of FreeBalance Government Resource Planning (GRP) Solutions in Sri Lanka.”

(November 5, 2013)

World Read Aloud Day – A Worldwide Celebration

The Huffington Post

“Ambassadors, attorneys and authors were all part of yesterday’s (March 7th) the third annual World Read Aloud Day (WRAD). In Guatemala, Free Balance, a Canadian software company, had their associates visit schools in Guatemala City to read to children.”

(March 8, 2012)

Canadian tech companies compete at Olympics

Ottawa Business Journal – Technology

“As athletes from around the world gathered in London this month to compete at the Olympics, so too did Canadian technology companies hoping to bring home new contracts and business opportunities instead of medals.”

(August 14, 2012)

Public Financial Management Reforms in Post-conflict Countries: Synthesis Report

The World Bank

“This report addresses the existing knowledge gap through a systematic review of Public Financial Management (PFM) reform experiences in post-conflict environments.”” FreeBalance government customers demonstrate significant PFM reform improvements relative to those using other financial management systems.

(October 11, 2012)

Insight: Timor Revisited

Jakarta Globe

“The government’s budget is online for all to see and the annual parliamentary discussion of the national budget is broadcast live on TV. Anyone can see how much revenue is coming in and where it is going by logging onto There is hardly anything like that anywhere in Asia as far as I know, least of all in Indonesia.”

(October 12, 2012)

2011 FreeBalance International Steering Committee (FISC) Drives Sustainable Public Financial Management (PFM) Solutions

“The program and agenda for the 2011 FISC meetings provide an effective and interactive venue in support of shared goals and objectives. The sessions and workshops provide FreeBalance with an opportunity to update international customers on product, technology, and corporate developments from 2010.”

(Jan 17, 2011)

FreeBalance to Live Blog and Tweet from FreeBalance International Steering Committee Meeting (FISC) 2011

World Market Media

“FreeBalance announced that it will be live blogging and tweeting from the FreeBalance International Steering Committee (FISC) event taking place January 16 – 19, 2011 in Madeira, Portugal.”

(Jan 17, 2011)

World Bank Economic Premise Note concludes that FreeBalance Government Resource Planning customers Afghanistan, Kosovo, Sierra Leone Demonstrate Most Substantial PFM Progress

Exchange Magazine

“FreeBalance is pleased to announce that the governments of Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Sierra Leone recently received a rating of “substantial” for public financial management (PFM) rebuilding and reform progress.”

(April 18, 2011)

FreeBalance finds balance between commerce and charity

The Star Phoenix

“FreeBalance is one of Canada’s top software companies. Part of FreeBalance’s standard procedure is to open and staff an office locally. The moral side of things is a big motivator and for the people who work in the company. Besides software products, social responsibility is a core part of what FreeBalance does.”

(May 4, 2011)

FreeBalance Promotes Transparency Innovation by the Government of Timor-Leste at International Conference

“FreeBalance will be participating and presenting at the 25th Annual International Consortium of Government Financial Management (ICGFM)conference, May 15 – 20, 2011 in Miami. The conference will explore how governments are meeting the demands of citizens, civil society, media, and donors for greater impact on the shape of PFM policies.”

(May 13, 2011)

Natural resource wealth management

Philippine Daily Inquirer

“The government has recently placed its financial information on a website (Timor Leste Transparency Portal) and provided 24/7 access to 10-year financial and budget data. Public access to information would promote accountability, reduce the risk of corruption, and raise the confidence of investors in the country.”

(May 14, 2011)

PM Spencer Speaks on World Telecoms Day


“Antigua and Barbuda is joining the World in observing Telecommunication and Information Society day. The World is becoming a smaller village everyday. More and more, technology is impacting positively on our daily lives.”

(May 18, 2011)

FreeBalance Publishes White Paper on Aid Transparency at Aid and International Development Forum


“FreeBalance has published a white paper titled “Aid Transparency Integration: The Integration of Donor and Recipient Government Financial Systems.” This white paper will be presented as part of the Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) in Washington, June 8-9.”

(June 08, 2011)

Treasury Centralized Payroll Processing


“The Treasury Department has reported that it has successfully added all weekly-paid government employees to its automated payroll system, as it moves to centralize payroll processing.”

(June 15, 2011)

“IFMIS Is Here For Governance” – Comptroller General

In Profile Daily

“President Ellen Johnson –Sirleaf will on Tuesday officially launch a new financially system introduced by the Ministry of Finance called the ‘Integrated Financial Management Information System’ (IFMIS) at the ministry.”

(July 11, 2011)

New System Launched to Improve Public Financial Management

“President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has officially launched the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) at the Ministry of Finance in Monrovia, with a commitment to continue adopting measures that would consolidate the gains the government has made in transforming the public financial management (PFM)sector.”

(July 12, 2011)

Speech by H.E. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at program marking official launch of IFMIS

The Executive Mansion, Liberia

“Today we have come to inaugurate the Integrated Financial Management Information System, the latest in an impressive line-up of reform measures being undertaken in the public financial management (PFM) sector alone (…)”

(July 12, 2011)

Government leverages FreeBalance technology to support Public Financial Management reform


“FreeBalance helps governments around the world to leverage robust Government Resource Planning (GRP) technology to accelerate country growth, today announced that the Government of the Republic of Liberia has officially launched an Integrated Financial Information Management System (IFMIS).”

(July 25, 2011)

AfDB and Liberia Sign USD 56 million Budget Support grant agreements


“The Liberian government’s efforts to accelerate economic growth and reduce poverty received a boost on 11th August 2011 with the signing of two USD 56-million (UA 35 million) grant agreements to improve public financial management and infrastructure maintenance capacity in public works.”

(Aug 15, 2011)

WB Director Praises Timor-Leste for Improved Transparency

Pacific Scoop

“World Bank Managing Director, Sri Mulyani Indrawati today congratulated the Government of Timor-Leste for improving transparency and accountability in the management of its natural resources.”

(Aug 26, 2011)

Timor-Leste Launches eProcurement Portal

FutureGov Asia

“The government of Timor Leste has launched on Friday a procurement portal in a bid to improve expenditure management and increase accountability and transparency in government procurement.”

(Aug 31, 2011)

Des entreprises canadiennes à l’assaut du marché Camerounais

Journal Du Cameroun

“The Canadian Economic Mission continues to experience the business environment in Cameroon in and outside the PROMOTE business lounge.”

(Dec 9, 2011)

FreeBalance President & CEO Manuel Pietra Wins OCRI Next Generation Executive Award


“OCRI explains that the Next Generation Executive Award was given to Pietra in recognition of the dynamic change he has led at FreeBalance. This change has resulted in a new corporate culture that includes Corporate Social Responsibility as the core to company mission.”

(April 8, 2011)

Government of the Republic of Liberia Selects FreeBalance Government Resource Planning (GRP) System

Backbone Magazine

“The Government of the Republic of Liberia will deploy the FreeBalance Accountability Suite to drive government modernization through effective fiscal management. The Government will automate all public finance budget transactions. Budget preparation, expenditure controls, procurement, monitoring, reporting, payroll and human resource management will be implemented.”

(April 12, 2009)

Where ‘Government 2.0′ is making an impact, and what still needs to be done

By Joe McKendrick, SmartPlanet

“Social networking provides governments with a new paradigm: knowledge release rather than knowledge control. This Government 2.0 approach can harness government knowledge to improve results.” – FreeBalance.

(April 13, 2010)

Liberia government to automate public finance budget transactions

Enterprise Innovation

“The Government of the Republic of Liberia has selected FreeBalance’s Accountability Suite to drive government modernization through effective fiscal management.”

(April 14, 2010)

Manuel Pietra Nominated for CATAAlliance Innovation and Leadership Award

International Business Times

“This award validates the positive changes the people at FreeBalance are helping to make around the world. Global citizenship at FreeBalance is about our commitment to international development, active participation in the global community, and corporate social responsibility.” – Manel Pietra

(May 4, 2010)

FreeBalance DISO Updated to Support Next Generation of Government Resource Planning (GRP) Solutions

“FreeBalance announced it has renewed and updated its DISO for the Government of Canada. The FreeBalance DISO is a standing offer for software products negotiated with Public Works and Government Services Canada. The DISO provides a supply arrangement with standard pricing available to an estimated 350,000 computer users in the Government of Canada.”

(May 25, 2010)

Doug Hadden looks to aid transparency to tackle corruption

Publish What You Fund

“Doug Hadden, Vice President of Products at FreeBalance, asks how corruption might best be understood and tackled in a Sustainable Public Financial Management blog post last week. He argues that while we are still failing to adequately track donor funds, particularly in off-budget aid, our initial focus should be to increase aid transparency rather than to blame recipients and their financial management systems.”

(July 5, 2010)

Implementing a Financial Management Information System in a Fragile State Context – Afghanistan’s Successful Experience

IMF Public Financial Management

“The development of the AFMIS, a Free Balance-based application with an initial basic configuration, started in 2002. The AFMIS remains a key component of the authorities’ PFM reform agenda, and its successful implementation has also benefited from complementary reforms in core financial management functions.”

(July 19, 2010)

Government of Kosovo Improves Governance Through Public Financial Management (PFM) Reform


“FreeBalance released a Case Study that details the Government of Kosovo’s success at improving governance through PFM reform. The Kosovo PFM Case Study covers the sequence of PFM reform in Kosovo from 1999 to the present day.”

(August 16, 2010)

Liberia: Govt Amongst Others Recognized for Improved Budget

“FreeBalance, a global Government Resource Planning (GRP) software company, announced that three of its government customers: Afghanistan, Liberia and Mongolia, have been recognised by the International Budget Partnership (IBP) for substantially increasing their levels of budget transparency in the IBP Open Budget Survey (OBS).”

(October 29, 2010)

Manuel Pietra, President & CEO of FreeBalance, to Participate in International Conference on Public Financial Management in ‘Fragile States’

The Boston Globe

“The conference is jointly organised by the Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Fiscal Affairs Department. It will focus on the practical and policy aspects of how to use finance to support fragile states in their transition out of fragility.”

(November 15, 2010)

New Partnership for FreeBalance Promotes Sustainability and Economic Development in Africa


“FreeBalance has joined the Canadian Council on Africa (CCAfrica), the only pan-Canadian organization dedicated to the economic development of Africa. With over 150 members active in every sector of the economy, CCAfrica is at the forefront of Canada’s economic relationship with Africa.”

(Dec 1, 2010)

FreeBalance joins African economic development group

Ottawa Business Journal

“Ottawa’s FreeBalance has joined the Canadian Council on Africa, a group working to improve the economy in the southern continent, the technology firm said in a release.”

(Dec 1, 2010)

Public Financial Management in Government of Kosovo: a case study

Douglas Hadden, International Journal of Governmental Financial Management.

“The Government of Kosovo has achieved remarkable results in Public Financial Management (PFM) reform. This post-conflict country once managed through a United Nations mandate has sequenced legal reform, improved governance, and achieved international PFM standards under difficult conditions.”

(December 4, 2010)

FreeBalance Shares Public Financial Management Domain Expertise at ICGFM Annual Winter Conference in Washington, DC

American Banking News

“FreeBalance is active in all World Bank regions and has more than 25 years experience implementing government resource planning solutions worldwide.”

(December 6, 2010)