(GRM) Government Receipts Management Modules

(GRM) Government Receipts Management Modules

Enables governments to raise revenue and collect receipts

Module Overview

The FreeBalance (GRM) Government Receipts Management product pillar makes raising revenue and collecting receipts easier. The modules can be implemented in combination to support more effective management across a range of revenue streams.

(GRRV) Government Receipts Management

Leverage powerful and effective revenue management with FreeBalance’s (GRRV) Government Receipts Management tools.

Track exact amounts owed to the government effortlessly, and ensure accurate and up-to-date analysis of income generated with this digital PFM solution.

This module facilitates streamlined revenue collection, including government sales, and accurately captures receipts in cash and other payment methods.

Unique serial numbers are assigned to each receipt processed within the system, ensuring transparency and accountability across all types of government revenue.

(GRBP) Bill Presentment

Revolutionize bill management with the (GRBP) Bill Presentment module from FreeBalance.

This module facilitates seamless electronic bill presentations for citizens. Electronic bills can encompass statements, utility billing, and to-date billing. This allows governments to streamline processes, improve citizen satisfaction, reduce the risk of human error and reduce the cost-to-serve through automation.

(GRBP) Bill Presentment ensures a user-friendly experience, encouraging timely payments and fostering a more connected and efficient public financial ecosystem.

(GRCE) Customs Taxation

Unleash the power of efficient revenue collection with FreeBalance’s (GRCE) Customs Taxation module.

Specifically designed for governments, this cutting-edge software facilitates seamless processing of taxation and import taxes within the customs domain.

(GRCE) Customs Taxation allows authorities to optimize revenue streams while ensuring compliance. This module integrates seamlessly into government financial systems, and enables governments to navigate the complexities of customs taxation with ease.

(GRCM) Case Management

Transform government revenue management with FreeBalance’s (GRCM) Case Management module.

This module enables public officials to seamlessly manage collections, correspondence, and case details.

(GRCM) Case Management boasts a robust built-in workflow, facilitating streamlined case processing, review cycles, and approvals.

Cases can be tracked effectively with comprehensive metrics, offering insights into revenue management performance.

(GRCM) Case Management can export case information to PDF, MS Word, and Excel formats, ensuring seamless communication and analysis.

(GRCS) Cashiering

Effectively manage front office sales and billing with FreeBalance’s (GRCS) Cashiering module.

(GRCS) Cashiering easily manages payment methods, bank deposits and receipt printing, as well as generating revenue budget execution transactions with precision.

This module supports a variety of payments, including multiple charges, partial payments, payments without receipts, payments made with multiple tenders, refunds and credit vouchers. It also manages suspension, voiding and resumption of payments when needed.

(GRPI) Personal Tax Income Administration

FreeBalance’s (GRPI) Personal Tax Income Administration module is the key to effective management of personal income tax processes.

Offering robust case management functionality, the module dives deep into comprehensive revenue and payments management and streamlines the administration of personal income tax, ensuring efficient handling of cases.

(GRPI) Personal Tax Income Administration incorporates advanced fraud detection and audit features, enhancing the government’s capability to maintain a vigilant stance against potential financial irregularities.

(GRPL) Permits and Licensing

Discover seamless management of corporate, professional and academic permits and licenses with FreeBalance’s (GRPL) Permits and Licensing module.

Tailored for governments, this module simplifies the intricate processes associated with permits and licenses. (GRPL) Permits and Licensing ensures a comprehensive approach, providing governments with an efficient tool to streamline workflows and enhance regulatory compliance.

This robust tool centralizes permit and license management, promoting transparency and simplifying operational management.

(GRUB) Utility Billing

Efficiently manage utility billing with FreeBalance’s (GRUB) Utility Billing module.

(GRUB) Utility Billing ensures precise billing and automated collection management for utilities such as water and gas.

Whether inputting meter readings manually or seamlessly importing data, (GRUB) Utility Billing offers flexible solutions. This module includes secure web-based integration into public financial management solutions, and real-time posting of payments, adjustments, and charges to customer accounts ensures accuracy.

(GRPT) Property Tax

Manage property taxes transparently and effortlessly with FreeBalance’s (GRPT) Property Tax module.

This robust solution calculates both corporate and personal property taxes, ensuring accuracy in billing, maintenance, collection, distribution, and tracking of properties and associated taxes.

(GRPT) Property Tax provides flexibility by allowing adjustments to property class codes, interest calculations for delinquent taxes, and management of levies and taxing authorities. Additionally, it facilitates seamless tracking of property ownership transfers.

(GRCR) Customer Relationship Management

Empower your government’s revenue strategy with FreeBalance’s (GRCR) Customer Relationship Management module.

This versatile tool not only facilitates e-sales and e-invoice functionalities but also elevates customer data management, workflow efficiency, and reporting capabilities.

By providing generalized e-sales and e-invoice features, (GRCR) Customer Relationship Management drives sales productivity and market effectiveness through social insight and business intelligence.

Elevate your revenue management with a comprehensive solution that ensures seamless customer interactions and informed decision-making.

(GRCT) Corporate Income Tax Administration

FreeBalance’s (GRCT) Corporate Income Tax Administration module offers a comprehensive approach to tax management.

With an integrated tax data architecture, it provides a consolidated view of taxpayers’ history, improving revenue generation and tracking. The module addresses fraud and non-compliance issues, promoting transparency. It also facilitates the management of complex policy and legislative changes, ensuring adaptability.

(GRCT) Corporate Income Tax Administration stands as a powerful tool, empowering governments to navigate corporate income tax administration with efficiency and resilience.

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