Are you looking for a way to improve your financial modelling skills? Do you want to be able to create more complex models that are easier for others to use and understand?

If so, then this Financial Modelling in the Public Sector course is perfect for you.

You’ll learn how to build spreadsheet models using a standard approach that is easy to follow and makes them more user-friendly. Whether you work with Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers or another application, these principles can be applied to any software.

This course is essential for anyone in the public sector who wants to improve their financial modelling skills and make their models more efficient and accessible.

Enrol today and start learning how to transform your spreadsheet models!

Course Objectives

  • Understand the importance of following good practice financial modelling standards
  • Be able to build high quality financial models that are easier to use, easier to review and easier to update
  • Make fewer mistakes by building checks into your spreadsheets
  • Produce work that you’re proud to share with others
  • If you’re a manager of a finance team you can use this knowledge to set financial modelling standards for your team

Course Content

  • Structuring a financial model
  • Writing formulas
  • Working with time periods
  • Building error checks
  • Tips for formatting spreadsheets
  • Practice example
  • Downloadable summary
  • Auditing

Target Audience

Accounting and audit staff, team managers in accounting, audit and other financial functions

Dates On Demand
Length 2 hours
Pace Self Paced
Fees $50
Language English


Gary Bandy

Gary is a chartered public finance accountant whose career in local government finance culminated with three years as Director of Financial Services at Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council. Since becoming an independent public financial management consultant in 2005, he has advised organizations in the charity sector, education, policing, local government and the private sector. He has particular expertise in outsourcing by public bodies.

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