Change Management and Government 2.0 class=

Change Management and Government 2.0

In the Government 2.0 era, there is an increasing realization that the traditional change management discipline requires – you guessed it – change. There is an interesting post from Jenn Gusetetic titled: Open Government is Change Management…On Steroids. She suggests a more inclusive method of change management and Government 2.0 planning concluding: It’s important to involve folks from each of these critical areas at the beginning of the effort in order to tap into their tacit knowledge and ensure downstream challenges are mitigated.

Is making Government 2.0 planning more inclusive the answer? It appears to be part of the answer because Government 2.0 is collaborative in nature. Therefore, a wider constituency is needed for internal and external facing Government 2.0 initiatives.

Change Management on steroids does not fully capture the need for immediacy. Traditional change management provides a rigorous set of milestones and approvals before change is approved. Will this limit Government 2.0 initiatives by slowing progress through analysis paralysis? Will interaction on Government 2.0 applications be slowed to snail-mail speeds? There needs to be more work to determine how Web 2.0 changes Change Management discipline.