New ICGFM Diploma in Public Financial Management Available for Online Learning via the FreeBalance Academy class=

New ICGFM Diploma in Public Financial Management Available for Online Learning via the FreeBalance Academy

In the fast-evolving landscape of Public Financial Management (PFM), professionals require targeted and practical training to excel in their roles and careers. Likewise, government finance departments, treasuries and auditors must build skills and experience within their teams to ensure transparency, accountability and good governance.

Addressing this need, FreeBalance has partnered with the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM) to offer a new certified PFM course through the FreeBalance Academy.

Certified PFM Training which Deepens Knowledge

The new ICGFM Diploma in Public Financial Management has been specifically written for PFM professionals by PFM professionals. It offers those with some experience of PFM the chance to deepen their expertise and to demonstrate their learning with a certification which enhances their CV.

The course has been authored by experts in the government financial management field, who have applied decades of professional hands-on experience to create a course which addresses the big topics in public financial management worldwide.

It complements the ICGFM Foundation course and provides higher-level PFM training for professionals.

Adding the Diploma to the FreeBalance Academy means PFM professionals have access to development opportunities regardless of their expertise level. Individuals can study an introduction to PFM, undertake product training or complete a certification all in one place.

Screenshot from the Diploma in Public Financial Management course
Learners work through the diploma program online, at the time and location of their choice.

An All-Inclusive Learning Experience

As with all ICGFM and many FreeBalance Academy programs, training takes place online to make it easy for busy PFM professionals to learn about work or other studies, regardless of their geographical location.

Boasting over 20 hours of succinct video lectures, six comprehensive manuals, case studies, quizzes, and exams, the Diploma course provides an advanced understanding of critical PFM principles.

Participants can also gain Continuing Professional Education credits upon completion.

Screenshot from the Diploma in Public Financial Management course
Participants deepen their knowledge of finance policy and processes, and how these intersect with global social issues such as sustainability and gender equality.

Elevating Professional Advancement and Organizational Performance

For professionals, completing these courses equips them with a profound understanding of their PFM environment, unlocking new opportunities for career advancement. Testimonials from successful graduates highlight the course’s role in accelerating their careers and providing a competitive edge.

However, the impact of the ICGFM Diploma extends beyond individual learners. Organizations can leverage this ICGFM Diploma as a powerful onboarding tool to swiftly acclimate new employees to PFM best practices. Additionally, by enrolling entire teams or departments, organizations can achieve a consistent level of knowledge and understanding across the board, ultimately bolstering overall performance.

Introductory Pricing for the ICGFM Diploma

To celebrate the launch of the ICGFM Diploma in Public Financial Management as part of the FreeBalance Academy, the course is offered at a special introductory special rate of $600 (saving $400).

To take advantage of this special pricing and get more information on the program, visit the ICGFM Diploma course page.